Shop RAM Mounts

Shop RAM Mounts

As tech plays a bigger and bigger part in our lives, on water and land, one big question remains. Where in the heck do we put all these gadgets, so they're handy but out of the way?

RAM Mounts provides a sensible solution. Based in Seattle, this company has created some 5,000 modular components that can hold virtually any electronic device safely, securely and in exactly the right place.

At TackleDirect, you can find RAM Mounts marine electronics mounting products specifically designed for marine digital devices like GPS, fishfinders and VHF radios. We also carry plenty of mounts designed to accommodate smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronics. Fishing accessories like spotlights are a must for night fishing, and RAM makes mounts to put them in exactly the right place. With RAM Mounts, fishing and boating become more fun and organized.

These mounts are durable and versatile. A variety of attachment configurations means you can find a mount to attach to virtually any surface. Straps and suction cups are just a couple of options. The mounts can be positioned in many ways, ensuring your device is always safely out of the way but within easy view and reach.

We also carry plenty of mounting accessories, like post caps, wedges and sun visors. To keep your boat shipshape, RAM's cupholder bases will keep your beverages in the can or cup rather than on the deck.