Simrad Autopilot Corepacks

Simrad Autopilot Corepacks are available with either a Simrad AC12 or AC42 Autopilot Course Computer. Simrad AC12 Autopilot Course Computers are recommended for RPU80, HLD350Mk2, MSD50, SD10 and solenoid operated steering. Simrad AC42 Autopilot Course Computers are for heavy duty use with RPU160, RPU300, HLD2000Mk2x and DD15 Drive Units. The optional RF300 Rudder Feedback includes transmission link and a 10M (33') cable.All Simrad Autopilot Corepacks include:
  • RC42N: Rate Compass with 5M (16') cable and Micro-C connector
  • N2K 4 Way: NMEA2000 4-Way Joiner. Connect four NMEA2000 Micro-C devices to the NMEA2000 Network
  • TR-120_KIT: Set of 1-Male and 1-Female NMEA2000 terminators
  • N2K-PWR-RD: NMEA2000 power cable. Includes power cable and 1 x T connector
  • N2K-T-RD:NMEA2000 T-Connector for connection of an additional network device
  • N2KEXT-15RD: 4.55M (15') NMEA2000 cable for backbone extension or drop cable to connect an additional network device
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