Spirit River SR Fly Tying Kits Mkey Finn

Spirit River SR Fly Tying Kits Mkey Finn

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FTKIT Mkey Finn
Fly tying kitMkey Finn$16.50 USD
The Spirit River Individual Fly Tying Kits have everything you need except thread to tie a couple dozen flies (except on big saltwater patterns) in various sizes. Each kit has everything the tier needs except the thread. The patterns are some of the best in the country and each kit has a comprehensive step by step instruction leaflet. Trout come with 24 hooks in 3 size ranges and Salt has 12 hooks. They use Whiting for the hackle. Note that Spirit River does sub a material or 2 when needed like our Airflow Wings instead of dun hen saddle.

    Dry Flies:
  • Adams, classic dry fly many feel imitates a Calibaetis Mayfly.
  • Light Cahill, another classic dry fly that is a cream color which matches many may flies.
  • Blue Winged Olive, or Baetis is a dry that commonly hatches all around the country in vast numbers. Trout love the.
  • Elk Hair Caddis (Brown/Olive), originated by my old buddy Al Troth. These float well and are a classic CADDIS imitation.
  • Royal Wulff, a long time favorite heavily hackles dry fluky or what we call a hairwing attractor fly is very popular where it started in Montana and has spread across the country. And they are easy to see!
  • Stimulator (Yellow/Orange), originated by my friend Randall Kaufman, this is a long high riding adult stonefly imitation, and a attractor patterns too.

  • Pheasant Tail, a classic all around wet that resembles a mayfly nymph.
  • Prince, just a darn good all around nymph that catches Fish every where.
  • Caddis Pupa is a larval stage of caddis. Caddis are prevalent in most streams across the country and in Europe.
  • Copper John, from John Barr, these may be the number one fly in the Rocky Mountains. Need I say more?

  • Wooly Bugger (Black), basic fish catching streamer. One of my first choices on unfamiliar water. Also a superb lake fly.
  • Wooly Bugger (Olive), same as above.
  • Mickey Finn is a classic North East streamer pattern.
  • Black Nose Dace, as mentioned above these are a very good streamer pattern imitating a very common food trout like. Other minnows!
  • Grey Ghost, a pattern that has been around for probably 50 years. We sell a lot because they work.
  • Black Ghost, like I mentioned above these are a particular favorite in the eastern part of the country.
  • Marabou Muddler, hammers fish all day long. Can be swung as a streamer or greased a bit and fished like a sick minnow just below the surface.

  • Deceiver (White), lefty Kreh knew what he was doing when he came up with this patterns. Many have come along behind with variations but few match the simplicity or effectiveness as my dear friend Lefty's fly.
  • Deep Minnow (Chartreuse/White) is a basic Clouser minnow. Bob now does all his with our UV2 Bucktails. A hot patterns for nearly any species.
Dry Flies
  • Adams
  • Light Cahill
  • Blue Winged Olive
  • Elk Hair Caddis (Brown/Olive)
  • Royal Wulff
  • Stimulator (Yellow/Orange)

  • Pheasant Tail
  • Prince
  • Caddis Pupa
  • Copper John

  • Wooly Bugger (Black)
  • Wooly Bugger (Olive)
  • Mickey Finn
  • Black Nose Dace
  • Grey Ghost
  • Black Ghost
  • Marabou Muddler

  • Deceiver (White)
  • Deep Minnow (Chartreuse/White)
  • 4 Stars based on 1 reviews
    By Db
    new york, NY
    good starter
    June 3, 2015
    tying fly material collection.
    it is good starter kit.
    little bit of everything, end up I knew what I need more.
    very informative package

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