Sterling Tackle 18in Chaos Tracker Bar w/ 6in Bulb Squid

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known in the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.
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Named for the heavy surface commotion and noisy racket it produces, the Sterling Tackle 18in Chaos Tracker Bar w/ 6in Bulb Squid is among the deadliest directional spreader bars you'll ever pull. Built on a .125 inch diameter high grade titanium bar, these pre-rigged spreader bars are loaded with the perfect combination of soft birds, squid, and rigged stinger to attract pelagics like tuna, dolphin, billfish, and more to your spread. Fitted under the lead bird is a plexiglass keel that causes the bar to track as much as 30 ft. outward from its normal tracking line. This feature allows the bar to run in a more visible location in the clean water outside the prop wash. The center line is loaded with six 5 inch soft rattling birds for extra noise and surface splash, while the wing lines feature a total of six 6 inch bulb squids to simulate schooling bait. The rear squids are even fitted with rattles of their own to really ramp up the noise factor. Inside the bottom teaser bird is a 400lb stainless bearing swivel used to attach the 9in Mini-Machine Stinger rigged with tri-beads and a 9/0 4x strong knife edge big game hook. The center line is rigged with 250lb smoke blue Momoi monofilament, while the wing lines are rigged with 200lb. Loop protectors are used on all critical connection points. Each spreader bar comes with its on clear vinyl/mesh lure bag for easy storage and wash down.

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