Strategic Angler Espada - 230 Sinking - Sandeel

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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Matching the true lifelike profile and size of baitfish such as the Pacific Saury and Ballyhoo, the Strategic Angler Espada is a big game orientated plug built with top-of-the-line componentry to withstand hard use and abuse bluefin tuna, GT's, and other large pelagic species dish out. At the core of this plug sits its 2.4mm thick X-Heavy through wiring, running nose to tail, well suited for the largest species capable on rod and reel. The Espada is available in both float and sink models, offering different actions and necessary retrieve speeds to work these lures in the ideal way.

The Espada floating models sit with a tail down action on the surface at rest. Pumping the rod tip down with a rhythmic action creates a surface side to side glide motion, ideal for calmer winds and slower currents. Pauses in between often draw strikes most of the time, especially from the more opportunistic predators looking for an easy meal. A lighter surface glide can be achieved with a heavier tail hook and lighter belly hook. Retrieving the bait with a slow sweeping action with the rod tip down causes the lure to dive and emit a bubble trail in the water. Between its audible sound dipping into the water, erratic motion diving in the water, along with identifiable water displacement, get ready for some intense strikes.

The Espada sinking model works ideally with a medium to fast retrieve speed. The bait itself descends a foot a second at rest, much like a wounded or dead baitfish. A faster sink can be influenced with larger tail hooks and terminal components, offering a more tail orientated sink. Jigging it back will allow the lure to awaken with an erratic "walk the dog" darting action, best with pauses in between to illicit strikes. A more subsurface rolling action can be achieved with quick rod sweeps to the left, right, or up once the lure sinks to your desired depth. Its side flash acts much like a fleeing baitfish, triggering that predator prey response.

Recommended Hook Size & Configuration


  • 3/0 Trebles or 2/0 Trebles


  • 3/0 Treble with 7/0 Single


  • 8/0 to 10/0 Singles

Tail Only:

  • 4/0 Treble, 3/0 Treble, up to 12/0 Single

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