Strategic Angler Naia - 155 Green Mackerel

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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With the design of a stickbait and incorporation of a fast-sinking jig action, the Strategic Angler Naia is a unique offering for the bluewater angler focused on the medium to large sized gamefish. The Naia 130, 155, and 180 come through wired with 2.4mm thick X-Heavy through wiring, well suited for the largest gamefish capable on rod and reel. The typical belly hook hanger often seen on most hard stickbaits was omitted, creating a rhythmic side to side cadence as the bait free falls. Its tail hook hanger can utilize large trebles or singles for more personalized preference. The bait itself can be worked with twitches, "walk the dog" retrieves, sweeps, and more. Its fluid style works well with pauses, casted into breaking fish, or even offshore floating structure such as weeds, logs and more. A touch of UV in its clear body illuminates the bait in low light conditions, drawing fish in for a closer look and instigating bites.


Walk– A rhythmic slow twitch will make Naia move with an alternating left and right cadence. A quick sweep creates a sudden commotion that reverberates in the water attracting predators in the process.

Wobble– Retrieving the lure with the rod tip down will create a slow side to side wobble. This slow and erratic movement is reminiscent of a cruising or unwary fish. An occasional twitch will make Naia come alive, flash on one side and then right itself.

Sinking Flutter– Cast the lure, or simply let it drop! A free falling lure will have a more pronounced side to side flutter, so give it a few seconds for Naia to reach your preferred depth before retrieving.

Sweep– The Naia series does best with softer sweeps of the rod tip versus the traditional hard sweeps most stickbait anglers are accustomed to. The lure is perfectly balanced without the need of a belly hook so imparting softer sweeps will make the lure dance with ease.

Recommended Hook Size & Configuration

Naia 130

  • Single: 3/0 – 5/0
  • Treble: 1/0 – 2/0

Naia 155

  • Single: 3/0 – 5/0
  • Treble: 1/0 – 2/0

Naia 180

  • Single: 7/0 – 12/0
  • Treble: 3/0 – 5/0

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