Strategic Angler Proteus - 100 Naked Sardine

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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A "slow" styled stickbait combined with the characteristics of metal jigs, the Strategic Angler Proteus is a hybrid option capable of great distance and elegant swimming action. This lure sees much inspiration from the short and chubby profile of the Mikros series and the Naia's clear body with rear hook hanger configuration. The goal of this lure was to have a stickbait that could reach fish out far and cover water, all in compact profile that swam as good as it cast. Butterfish are a slow moving and round baitfish that are a staple baitfish for Bluefin Tuna and other pelagic species and this bait matches them perfectly, profile, size, and action. Each Proteus has a clear body with UV enhancement within to enhance this bait in low light situations. Its robust construction is built to handle intense strikes and hard fighting species. Proteus 100 & 130 sizes feature 2.4mm thick X-Heavy wiring to ensure this bait is capable of even the biggest species capable on rod and reel. Through this baits years of development and countless prototypes in pursuit of perfection, the Proteus was born.


Walk– Proteus can be made to walk with a right, left, right cadence using slow rythmic pumps with the rod tip down. The slower the better.

Sinking Wobble– Let the lure rest at free spool after casting. The lure will sink with a wide side to side wobble exposing its flanks as it goes deeper. Majority of the strikes come at free spool so watch your line and get ready to close that bail for the hookset! Mix up the retrieve to achieve different presentations.

Sweep– The Proteus series does best with slow sweeps of the rod tip versus the traditional hard sweeps most stickbait anglers are accustomed to. The lure is perfectly balanced without the need of a belly hook so imparting softer sweeps will make the lure dance with ease.

Recommended Hook Size & Configuration

Proteus 100

  • Single: 3/0 and Up
  • Treble: 1/0 – 3/0

Proteus 130

  • Single: 5/0 – 10/0
  • Treble: 2/0 – 5/0

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