Tom Rowland

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Tom Rowland

Captain & Co-Host,

Saltwater Experience

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Captain Tom Rowland's fishing experiences began in Chattanooga, TN, where he grew up fishing with his father. He first became a guide in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and several years later, he decided to start his saltwater career in Key West. Tom was successful in both fresh and saltwater tournaments locally, so he made the move to national tournaments. Tom has won more than 65 championships in fly fishing and conventional fishing in both fresh and saltwater. After fishing against Capt. Rich Tudor in several tournaments, the two decided to join forces and became a very successful team. With their strong work ethics, superb fishing abilities, and a newfound friendship, the two quickly began winning tournaments and gaining sponsors. 


Tom and Rich also partnered up to create the original TV show, Saltwater Experience, which has been on the air for 17 years (as of 2022). It has been seen on ESPN, Discovery Channel, NBC Sports, Fox, Sportsman Channel, and other networks. Today, the Saltwater Experience show is on Discovery Channel, Fox, and Sportsman, but it receives the highest numbers on Waypoint TV, a digital network for outdoorsmen that was created by Tom and Rich. Over the years, Tom also created other shows including Into the Blue, Sweetwater, and Fitness Truth. On top of that, Tom started his own podcast, The Tom Rowland Podcast. His podcast covers a variety of content including educational fishing and hunting how-tos, interviews with entrepreneurs, and inspirational advice.