Few fishing methods are as effective as trolling. When you troll, you can cover huge expanses of water with multiple rods, helping you find the fish fast. Whether you troll in the ocean or on lakes, TackleDirect has a big supply of trolling motors, downriggers, outriggers and rod holders. These products can make your trolling tactics easier and more effective. The result: more fish.

Our trolling products include trolling motors from industry leaders such as Minn Kota, and MotorGuide. Efficient, quiet and reliable, these electric motors will put you on fish stealthily, whether you are creeping up on tarpon in saltwater or stalking bass in freshwater. TackleDirect also carries a big assortment of Deep Blue trolling motor accessories and quick-release brackets.

If you need to get your lures down deep while trolling, check out our downriggers. We carry electric as well as downriggers that make it simple to get your baits down to the fishes' level. TackleDirect also carries fishing kites and clips for the exciting sport of kite fishing popularized in South Florida.

Our rod holders will fit all kinds of fishing rods and boats. Use our outriggers to spread even more rigs while trolling. If you want to free up some space and organize your fishing poles, check out our rod racks and holders.