Water Sports

Water offers practically unlimited recreational opportunities. At TackleDirect, we carry just about every product you could imagine to enhance your watery world. Whether you enjoy stalking bass and trout on your favorite lake in a float tube, love exploring reefs underwater or like to water ski, the items we sell will make every outing more pleasurable.

Our big inventory of float tubes, inflatable pontoon boats and watersport accessories includes products made by leading manufacturers such as Outcast Sporting Gear and Scotty. If you are looking for a lightweight, inexpensive alternative to fishing from a boat, consider one of our float tubes or inflatable pontoon boats. Super-stealthy float tubes and inflatables let you sneak up on even the wariest fish without spooking them. You can pack these lightweight vessels to remote areas and fish water you'd never be able to reach from shore.

If you have a canoe, rowboat or dinghy, we carry a variety of oars and paddles. Strong and sturdy versions are available in your choice of wood or synthetic materials.

Scuba divers and skin divers should check out our selection of speargun mounting racks and scuba tank racks. These sturdy items will help you stow your diving equipment safely and securely yet keep everything close at hand when you need it.

Those who love the high-speed excitement of water skiing and wakeboarding can find plenty of gear here. Our selection of water skiing accessories includes quality swim ladders, ski flags and tow cables.