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G-Loomis New Walleye Series Rods

G-Loomis New Walleye Series Rods G-Loomis New Walleye Series Rods
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G-Loomis New Walleye Series Rods
G-Loomis New Walleye Series Rods

G-Loomis New Walleye Series Rods

G-Loomis New Walleye Series Rods

Our goal has always been to make very accurate, technique specific walleye rods. Now, thanks to the input received from the tournament anglers, guides and G.Loomis Fish Team members like Dan Plautz, we've made them even better. Sporting a new look and new actions, these rods are more specialized than ever. Over the years, some of the techniques have changed, fisheries have changed and anglers have adjusted, so we have totally redesigned our entire selection of walleye rods, improving the actions with even more precise tapers and length adjustments to cover the most technical aspects of the fishery, especially where light weight and sensitivity are an important factor for success. There are eight models in our proprietary "blended fibers" with Fuji Alconite guides and eight of the same models in GLX with Recoil guides. Rods specifically designed for pitching jigs, vertical jigging, bait rigs and back-bouncing. When lightweight and sensitivity really makes a difference, we recommend GLX!! You'll discover a world of difference.

A $7.00 oversize packaging charge may apply to these items as they ship in a long heavy duty tube to protect your items. This fee will still apply when discount shipping coupons are used.

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ModelTD CodeLengthPiecesLine Weight
Lure Weight
WJR751SGLXGLO-07366' 3''16-101/16-5/16Ex-FastMag-LightA
Price: USD $385.00
WJR751SGLO-07376' 3''16-101/16-5/16Ex-FastMag-LightB
Price: USD $245.00
WJR752SGLXGLO-07386' 3''16-121/8-3/8FastMediumA
Price: USD $385.00
WJR752SGLO-07396' 3''16-121/8-3/8FastMediumB
Price: USD $245.00
WPJR821SGLXGLO-07406' 10''16-101/16-5/16Ex-FastMag-LightD
Price: USD $405.00
WPJR821SGLO-07416' 10''16-101/16-5/16Ex-FastMag-LightC
Price: USD $255.00
WPJR822SGLXGLO-07426' 10''16-121/8-3/8FastMediumD
Price: USD $405.00
WPJR822SGLO-07436' 10''16-121/8-3/8FastMediumC
Price: USD $255.00
WRR8500SGLXGLO-07447' 1''16-121/4-1/2Ex-FastLightA
Price: USD $400.00
WRR8500SGLO-07457' 1''16-121/4-1/2Ex-FastLightB
Price: USD $260.00
WRR8501SGLXGLO-07467' 1''18-143/8-5/8FastMed-LightA
Price: USD $405.00
WRR8501SGLO-07477' 1''18-143/8-5/8FastMed-LightB
Price: USD $260.00
WBBR853CGLXGLO-07487' 1''18-171/2-2FastMed-HeavyC
Price: USD $400.00
WBBR853CGLO-07497' 1''18-171/2-2FastMed-HeavyD
Price: USD $265.00
WRR9000SGLXGLO-07507' 6''16-121/4-1/2Ex-FastLightA
Price: USD $410.00
WRR9000SGLO-07517' 6''16-121/4-1/2Ex-FastLightB
Price: USD $260.00


This rod is designed for vertical jigging with soft plastics or live bait where precise lure control and positioning is important. We made the blank an inch longer to provide a little more flexibility. It is a subtle change, making the rod slightly softer, but it can make a big difference when a fish makes a last minute lunge away from the net. It also provides a litttle more protection when you go down to six or eight pound line.


Also designed for vertical jigging, this 3-power version provides a little more power for slightly heavier jigs and heavier line. It balances a little better with 8 or 10 pound line. The extra inch we added in the blank gives you a little better control around your motor and provides a little more power for bigger walleyes... a problem we hope you have more often now.


This rod is a full 7" longer than it's "vertical jigging cousin" to give you better line and lure control for casting jigs and soft plastics to shoreline targets and points. Pitching jigs along reed edges is a very effective technique and the extra length will give you more casting range and control in deeper water. This rod is really effective when the bite is super light and you have to go to lighter line in clear water.


The "2-power" version is designed for precision pitching to visible targets and is very effective when you need a little more weight to maintain contact with the bottom in heavier current or deeper water. It's also a nice bonus when you hook a bigger fish along weed edges and need the extra power to keep the fish out of the weeds and headed toward the boat.

WRR8500SGLX / WRR8500S

This rod is specially designed for light bait rigs and blades when a finesse approach is required. the extra-fast action gives you ultimate tip sensitivity and a powerful butt-section for fighting oversized surprises. When the walleye get spooky and hard to catch, you will appreciate the light tip so you can see as well as feel the strike, while the fish will never know you're there - it's that forgiving.

WRR8501SGLX / WRR8501S

As you move to deeper water and need to use a little heavier line and bigger blade rigs, this rod has enough extra power in the tip to handle the job, but it's still soft enough to telegraph even the lightest strike and not allow the fish to feel any resistance. It's powerful butt-section provides consistent lure control and fish-fighting ability.


Maintaining contact with the bottom and adjusting to depth change is critical with the bottom-bouncing technique, so anglers are constantly working the rig. The goal is to keep the bait in the "zone" as much as possible. We designed this rod with just "enough" power in the butt-section for positive control without adding extra weight. Then we blended in a lightweight, responsive tip0section for the ultimate in sensitivity. This may be the most technical walley rod we make.

WRR9000SGLX / WRR9000S

This is our longest, most dynamic walleye rig rod and is excellent in deep-water applications. The tip is very fast and allows you to feel as well as see the strike without the fish ever knowing you are there. It is an excellent choice for fishing the Great Lakes as well as the open-water humps and ridges so prevalent in the huge impoundments out west.

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