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Penn Conquer Spinning Reels

Penn Conquer Spinning Reels Penn Conquer Spinning Reels
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Penn Conquer Spinning Reels
Penn Conquer Spinning Reels

Penn Conquer Spinning Reels

Penn Conquer Spinning Reels

Not many reels are good enough to carry the Penn name. But the new Conquer spinning reel from Penn is built with all the quality and workmanship the brand has delivered for over 75 years. Designed for inshore and nearshore species, this reel is built for any saltwater angling. The Conquer introduces proprietary design elements that ensure the angler is fishing with the best operating spinning reel in its price range. Exclusive to the Conquer reel is the EAS (Easy Access System). A single screw secures a rear hatch that when open provides full access to the gearbox for lubricating gears and bearings without worry of any parts falling out. Also found only on this reel is the spool lip design with Eternal Alloy construction, incorporating strength and hardness twice that of titanium alloy. The spool lip is protected from dents, nicks and scratches which are a major cause of decreased casting distances and line damage.
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ModelTD CodeMono Line Capacity
Braid Line Capacity
BearingsGear RatioWeight
32 lbs.10+14.7:123.4 oz
Price: USD $219.95

Overall Rating for Penn Conquer Spinning Reels
(based on 6 reviews)
Penn Conquer Spinning Reels
4.5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
Pozzuoli, Italy
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very smooth reel
May 18, 2015
It is a very smooth reel. I have it paired with a penn regiment and it is very nice.

California, MD
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great reel!
May 3, 2015
Very light for it's size and it's amazingly smooth. I have it paired on a 9ft TFO and it's a really comfortable setup.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

awesome reel!
January 18, 2013
nice reel just make sure when you get it check ALL the screws to make sure they are TIGHT!!! bought one and straight out of the box it felt really rough. opened it up and discovered the screw that holds the spool shaft to the crosswind block was loose. Also the crosswind gear screw was also loose. Both bearing retainers were loose. The drag assembly fell apart when i removed the spool. If I took this reel straight out of the box fishing it would have been a disaster! It feels smooth as silk still after 3 months of everyday fishing. As far as tne grinding feeling, replace the pinion and main gear as a set. (you might have got a reel with loose screws like mine and it damaged these gears.) goodluck fishing!
easy casting,looks, drag system spool design
price, quality of assembled product.

Grayson, GA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Really Awesome Reel!
September 19, 2012
My set up: Conquer 4000 with 15lb Power Pro on a 7' All Star ASR 10-20lb line wt. The Penn is awesome! I live at least 5hrs to the Gulf or Atlantic, so any chance I can get away I hit the jetties, bridges, wading and piers. Were talking 20hr days of hardcore use, then rinsing everything off with fresh water at least once a day. The Penn holds up extremely well to being splashed from waves. It lays line perfectly on the spool, the thick bail wire is very nice and substantial in the hand, the HT-100 drag system is exceptionally designed and installed for the Conquer which is easy to adjust and very responsive. The EAS is what every reel should provide its owner. It made it so easy to clean out the old grease and pack it full of new grease. It allows for you to lubricate all essential parts to the reel, awesome! I have overhauled the reel once since I have had it. I am interested in the 7000 model too. Still feels like new with a slightly broke-in feel. Highly dependable, it is a Penn, and would highly recommend this reel to a friend or a stranger. Carl
Perfect for braided lines Substantial bail wire Easy to clean and re-grease Very lightweight Lip of spool resists nicks and such
Not necessarily a dislike more a suggestion: Make entire spool from Eternal Alloy

Jimmy B
Venice, Florida
2 Stars

Conquer was conquered
September 7, 2012
Let me start by saying I fish ALOT and punish my gear by catching larger fish species than what is intended. I love the battle. Owned this reel ever since it came out. Paired with a St. Croix Avid 7' rod and 20lb power pro. First thing that happened was i bent a spool shaft from palming the spool and breaking off a snag. After less than a year the reel acted as though i had opened the hatch and added sand. Replaced 4 of the larger bearings and pinion gear bearing. Still did not feel the way i wanted but cleaned and oiled regularly. Always noticed how salts from water would leave deposits on the inside even though rinsed often.Bnta seond spool shaf whn a goliath grouper wanted my snapper. Bent a third shaft on an AJ and thought i messed up the main gear and replaced it as well. reel still flt rough.. Now I had just finishe re-greasing my reel. Made a cast and reeled it in. casted without lookin at reel and got a wind knot. Oh well cut off and re-rigged. cast again and when i reel i notice the spool shaft is not retrieving line evenly...Did the screw back out on the shaft??? No open the service hatch and OMFG the post for the gear inside the reel snapped off? How in the heck?
Merchant Response:
I would contact Tom Blecker @ Penn. He can assist you with your Conquer.
-Casts great as long as not overspooled -smooth as silk drag -Housing plate replaceable...
-Service port -not sealed enough -spool shaft design - too weak -months after use not even close to as smooth as new -although i always close bail by hand others have bail problems -reel needed to be almost completely disassembled to replace a bearing which corroded quickly.

Southampton, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Conquer 7000
June 18, 2012
Was fishing last night from the surf when a school of a nice blues moved in. I had my reel matched up with my 11 foot Okuma Cedros Surf Rod and 20 pound Power Pro. I was chucking bunker chucks on a fish finding rig and four ounces of lead about 200-250 feet into a pretty good South South East wind with ease. Managed three blues, one 30" and two 31", 30" topped 10 pounds on my scale. The reel really impressed me, the reel handle all three fish very easily in a pretty strong current. Drag was smooth, fast enough to handle them darting in and strong enough to turn their heads around when running out. Overall, its a great reel and I am very happy and pleased to own and fish with one, only time will tell on its endurance.
Smooth drag and casting, fast, powerful and casts very well. Drop hatch is nice and easy for a quick greasing.

Penn Conquer Spinning Reels

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