Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Baitcasting Reels

Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Baitcasting Reels

$199.95 - $249.95
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BearingsGear RatioLine Per
WeightMono Capacity
Braid Capacity
Max DragPrice
Right HandH / MH2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB6.3:128.8in10.5 oz12/240
22$199.95 USD
Right HandH / MH2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB7.1:132.4in10.5 oz12/240
22$199.95 USD
Right HandH / MH2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB7.1:132.4in11.3 oz12/240
22$199.95 USD
Left HandH / MH2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB6.3:128.8in10.5 oz12/240
22$199.95 USD
Left HandH / MH2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB7.1:132.4in10.5 oz12/240
22$199.95 USD
Left HandH / MH2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB7.1:132.4in11.3 oz12/240
22$199.95 USD
Right HandXH / H2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB6.3:133.4in15.3 oz17/245
25$249.95 USD
Right HandXH / H2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB7.1:137.7in15.3 oz17/245
25$249.95 USD
Right HandXH / H2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB7.1:137.7in16.2 oz17/245
25$249.95 USD
Right HandXH / H2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB5.1:127.1in16.2 oz17/245
25$249.95 USD
Left HandXH / H2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB6.3:133.4in15.3 oz17/245
25$249.95 USD
Left HandXH / H2CRBB, 4BB, 1RB7.1:137.7in15.3 oz17/245
25$249.95 USD
Baitcasting reels deliver tournament style performance and are now available in large (400 size), medium (300 size) and small (100 size). Each size Daiwa Lexa baitcaster is available with three different gear ratios.
  • Aluminum frame and side plate (gear side)
  • 7 Bearing System (2CRBB, 4BB +1RB)
  • Magforce Cast Control
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Swept Handle with weight-reducing cutouts
  • Counter balanced Power Handle on ''P'' Models
  • Super-leverage 120mm handle on 400 size models
  • A7075 Aluminum spool, super lightweight—extra strong (100 size)
  • Extra line capacity for strong lines, powerful fish
  • Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD)
4.5 Stars based on 24 reviews
By Jessie
Absolutely terrible company for saltwater reesl!
December 2, 2018
Had mine for a year and so did a friend (bought at the same time). Within the first month had a grinding in the ball bearings. I don't do any beach fishing at all so i assumed that i got salt inside of it and cleaned it to no avail. A week later my friend's reel started doing the same. Now both of these reels were thoroughly cleaned after each use. Luckily another friend of ours knew a Daiwa rep., and we got all of the internals replace for free. Upon receiving it the worked great.....for about a month again..... I went as far as to replace the "sealed" ball bearings inside with ceramic ones i bought online, which did help, but has not totally absolved the issue with their crappy bearings grinding and locking up.
By Jorge
Santa Paula, CA
Smooth and strong drag
May 2, 2018
I bought this reel in the 400 size and have been using it for a couple of months know and I love it would trade for any other casting reel..
  • Light and strong reel
  • Nothing bad yet
By Ron
Southern California
It's a boomer!
November 2, 2017
Just returned from a ten-day fishing trip to Baja. A highlight was testing out my new Lexa 400 reel. All I can say is, Wow! I had the reel loaded up with 65 lb. braid. We were casting from the boat towards an island several hundred feet away and after the first couple of casts I had to take a little off my casts because I was consistently hitting the rocks on the island. I have never cast so far with any other reel. Retrieves were smooth, 25 lb. drag was awesome, dial-in magforce cast control was great. This is an extremely strong reel but it is so light that you don't realize how strong it is until you hook up a Yellowtail.
  • Too many to mention. I love this reel and bought an HD400 in addition.
  • It is very difficult to see the indicator for the mag drag dial so at first I couldn't tell whether I had the dial on 10 or off. That resulted in one pretty massive birds nest but with a quick adjustment it was dialed in and making me look like a casting pro!
  • One more note - the rated capacity of this reel is 200 yds with 80 lb braid. I put just about 200 yds of 65 lb on it and had to pull off a good 20 yds or so because the spool was too full to cast.
By Kent E.
huntington beach
diawa lexa
October 29, 2017
all around great real. west coast fisherman, pair this with your favorite jig stick and toss your surface iron further than the guy next to you.
  • smooth drag, great castability, comfortable grip. great reel for the price. suits all my needs from casting punkers to strippers, whopper ploppers to schoolie yellowfin, or a tady surface iron to yellows. comparable reels will cost you a bit more. not to mention, diawa has great customer service and tech support should you have an issue or need service.
  • not so much a "con" but something to be aware of. the high speed model has a high gear ratio but the inches per crank isn't quite as much as a high speed conventional reel such as diawa saltist HS. while considered high speed amongst other low profile/ baitcasters the spool size is much smaller thus less line per crank. nonetheless, it provides plenty of speed for most fishing methods.
Columbus, MS
Daiwa LEXA 400HS reel
October 28, 2017
Very pleased, exceptionally smooth and casts great! Highly recommended!
By Bret R.
Sacramento, CA
High Capacity braid
October 27, 2017
This reel has lots of drag and holds plenty braid for large fish, very smooth drag and lots of power.
  • Great for top water jigs with plenty drag to bring in the big ones.
By Steve W.
Hanover Park, IL
Love the reel.
October 27, 2017
With this purchase, I can keep one for myself and give one as a gift to make someone very happy.
By Cody
Great reel
November 23, 2016
I have this lexa on one of my deep sea rods an man can I tell you it puts out strong drag an smooth reeling the lexas are my go to reels on my deep sea rod setups
  • High drag an very smooth lightweight
  • None
By Kamden
Waverly, Iowa
Great musky reel
October 10, 2016
I've had this reel for two years, and it has definitely performed to my expectations. Casts really well, and the drag is really solid. Probably not the best option for large double bladed bucktails, but it's a very versatile reel for just about any other method of musky fishing.
By Joseph J.
September 19, 2016
When I first purchased I was extremely excited about the quality of this reel. I have had this reel for two seasons now and I have only been able to use it for about one half of a season due to mechanical errors. I am now waiting on parts they are out of stock on and by the time I receive the parts the fishing season will be over. Very disappointed in the duality and service for a pricey reel.
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
June 10, 2016
You get what you pay for, and you get an amazing reel that is well worth the money
  • Super smooth and great drag
By Dan
Madison, WI
Awesome muskie reel
March 28, 2016
The 400 HSP is an awesome reel for rubber and jerkbaits for muskie. Holds up incredibly well in the coldest conditions and it is smooth as it was the day I bought it.
By Vince
Austin, TX
Great reel for the price!
June 27, 2015
This is my go to reel just because it was cheap and I'm not afraid to damage/lose it... but it's also got great features. It's not a chronarch, but it's similar to a curado! I also have the lexa casting rods, and when they're paired together, boy is it beautiful. It's also lined with 12lb Hybrid from Yozuri in purple smoke... and that's even more bad@$$! The reel is smooth and performs very well. The drag is smooth and casts are deep and long. The mag brakes help to stop nests, so it's a nice added benefit. Overall highly recommended.
  • Great features for the price
  • Used in SW and FW with no problems
  • Drag is smooth
By Michael
Awesome reel
February 12, 2015
Great reel for snook and tarpon
By George
great handling reel
November 19, 2014
used this for fishing saltwater for tog, used 40lb braid and it worked great. Love the line pick up and once you get the you get it set up with the weight you're using, no birds nest. made sure to clean it real well after the salt and my next trip will be for strippers.
  • line pick up and cast control.
  • none yet
9 Questions & 9 Answers
from Charleston SC asked:
March 21, 2019
Does this reel have a synchronized level-wind?
1 Answer
Unfortunately we no longer carry these reels. 
Submitted by: Rebecca Redington on March 26, 2019

from lake charles, louisiana asked:
February 20, 2018
What rod would compare best with the lexa 400h for offshore to inshore enough backbone that keeps on the pressure of those bigger fish like kings or such?
1 Answer
I'd suggest a Shimano Terez model number TZC70HBLK. The TZC70MHBLK may be more appropriate for your lighter inshore applications.
Submitted by: Devon on March 2, 2018

from florida asked:
June 12, 2017
On a St. Croix TIC80HF Tidemaster Inshore Casting Rod which size lexa would be a good match 300 or 400 for big snook and tarpon
1 Answer
TIC80HF would be a great match with either size Lexa for these species.
Submitted by: Devon on June 13, 2017

from Ottawa, Ontario asked:
February 3, 2015
How would the Lexa 300 pair up with an Okuma Nomad Inshore rod M-MH? I'm debating either Daiwa Lexa 300 or Penn Squall 12 stardrag. Which one would you recommend? Thanks!
1 Answer
If you are inshore fishing for larger species I would recommend going with the squall has better line capacity and a more drag power. If your targeting smaller fish such as flounder, weakfish, and small stripes the Lexa 300 would be an excellent choice.
Submitted by: Frank on February 5, 2015

from florida asked:
December 11, 2014
i have the lexa 300 and im looking for a good rod to go with it for fishing jacks,groupers,snappers at the inlets here in florida. i have 30 braid on it . what rod would you suggest for being able to whip out some top plugs or doa shrimps
1 Answer
We suggest either the Lamiglas Tri flex Inshore (LAM-0073 or LAM-0105) or the GLoomis Pro-Blue (GLO-0223 or GLO-0225). The LAM-0073 and the GLO-0223 are both slightly lighter action rods than the other two. Any of them woill work really well with your LEXA.
Submitted by: Customer Service on December 14, 2014

from Asheville, NC asked:
September 19, 2014
I am considering either a Lexa 100 or 300 for inshore float-rig fishing for seatrout, redfish, and flounder in the St.John's River in Jacksonville, Florida. I use an Ugly Stick Striper rod for this kind of fishing, mostly because the rods are inexpensive, almost indestructible, and have plenty of flex to keep from ripping the hook out of the fishes mouth. I presently use an Abu-Garcia C3 5500 reel with this rod. Which reel would you recommend?
1 Answer
We feel that the 100 size would work very well for you. The only reason to go with the 300, would be if you are using mono and want more line capacity.
Submitted by: Customer Service on September 22, 2014

from texas asked:
March 16, 2014
wondering if the reel foot on the lexa 400 will fit in a terez waxwing reel seat?
1 Answer
Absolutely, the conventional or casting model waxwing rods would match that reel very well.
Submitted by: Customer Service on March 16, 2014

from DALY CITY, CA asked:
October 28, 2013
what r the difference between LEXA HSL (dai-1518) - LEXA HSL-P (dai-1515) I know one weigh more than the other? does the LEXA HSL-P has a power handle? THX....NELSON
1 Answer
The Lexa HSL is standard with the double paddle handle and the Lexa HSL-P comes standard with the power handle.
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 30, 2013

from Madison, Wi. asked:
October 4, 2012
What is the diff. between the different 300 series reels except that some weigh less ?
1 Answer
Some are left handed, some have power handles and some have paddle handles. This link is the best break down explaining the differences. http://www.daiwa.com/reel/detail.aspx?id=632
Submitted by: Customer Service on October 4, 2012


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