Soft Baits

Freshwater Soft Baits:

Soft plastics: Two simple words have revolutionized angling. With their amazingly lifelike looks and lively action, soft plastic baits can lure dozens of inhabitants of the deep with incredible results. Effective in freshwater as well as saltwater, these lures will attract virtually any species. Attach soft plastics to a jig or just slip a bare hook through them. These soft baits will improve your fishing results and fun. TackleDirect carries a giant selection of freshwater soft plastic baits in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to suit the kind of fishing you do.

Soft Plastic Tails:

Soft plastic tails can imitate practically anything, from a fleeing baitfish to a struggling insect to a lazy crayfish tiptoeing across a lake or stream bottom. TackleDirect has soft plastic tails made by major manufacturers including Berkley, Keitech, Missile Baits, and Yum. These plastic tails are available in a rainbow of colors ranging from the realistic to the crazy. They let you match the baitfish present or the weather and water conditions when you're fishing or just drive the fish crazy with their outrageous Day-Glo looks.

Some of these soft plastic tails, like the Berkley Gulp, have been impregnated with scent and fish attractant to make them even more irresistible to predators. We carry soft plastics in all sizes, enabling you to target everything from little panfish to big bucketmouth bass and more.

Soft Plastic Worms:

When it comes to freshwater fishing, nothing beats the good old-fashioned nightcrawler. Except maybe the good newfangled soft plastic worms available. TackleDirect can supply you with a huge variety of soft plastic worms. They're available in colors ranging from natural browns and blacks to other-worldly reds and rainbows that just may trigger a largemouth's attack response. And these worms never die.

Soft Plastic Imitations:

In addition to soft plastic worms and tails, TackleDirect carries plenty of soft plastic lures that imitate just about everything freshwater predators like to eat. Insects, crawdads, frogs and lizards, baby perch and sunfish ' you'll find a tasty appetizer here that you can put on the menu for bass and a host of other freshwater species sure to tickle their palates and trigger their strikes.