Saltwater Monofilament Leader

Monofilament saltwater fishing leader are a simple yet effective way to increase your catch rate. By using specific types of leader, you can have a hi-visibility fishing line above the water while still making it difficult for fish to see what's connected to your lure below the surface. In addition, it provides more protection against structure and teeth, while allow giving you extra stretch for the perfect hook on your trophy catch. Our selection of premium inshore and offshore saltwater mono leader features industry leading brands like Berkley, Hi-Seas, Momoi, Jinkai and Lindgren Pitman.

Anglers will find monofilament leader particularly useful for bait fishing, deep water jigging and trolling, when you need a leader that acts as a shock absorber when the lure is hit. We carry leader in sizes and lengths for these applications and more, from20lb. test strength leader to jig for flounder to 400 lb. test leader when you're trolling for giant marlin. We also have colors for all levels of visibility and that blend into any water, including yellow, black, green, red, blue and even multicolor. Saltwater mono leader is easy to handle and makes strong, secure knots, and is inexpensive without sacrificing quality. Shop today and let our experts help you select the right leader for your next score.