Saltwater Nets, Gaffs & Harpoons

The saltwater fishing nets, gaffs and harpoons available at TackleDirect have your fishing day covered from start to finish. From catching live bait to landing your catch, we can help you get the most out of every angling adventure.

Our fishnets for sale include many options for catching your own bait. Choose from a variety of cast nets that can save you money on baitfish while providing the freshest, liveliest bait anywhere. In addition, we carry dip nets for transferring baitfish cleanly and safely from your livewell.

Our fish netting for sale also includes a variety of landing nets designed to bring your catch safely to shore or on to your boat. Choose from many sizes.

We also have minnow traps to catch live bait as well as crab traps for catching crustaceans. These traps will quickly pay for themselves.

For landing larger fish, gaffs offer an effective option. If you intend to bring a really large big-game fish through the transom, a flying gaff is a must.

If you have your sights set on a swordfish sunning itself on the surface, a fishing harpoon can often be your best bet. Our harpoons have been used by commercial fishermen on sharks and tuna as well as broadbills.