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TackleDirect has a huge selection of saltwater fishing rods and fishing poles in stock for anglers of all ages and experience levels. There are few worse feelings than losing a big fish because of inferior equipment. That's why we only carry premium saltwater rods and saltwater fishing poles from the finest manufacturers in the world.

We offer rods suitable for all kinds of fishing. If you need a heavy-duty fishing rod, we stock an extensive selection of muscular offshore fishing rods suitable for taming tuna, wahoo, marlin and other powerful pelagics. If you prefer light-tackle fishing, you'll find ultralight rods here that will be lots of fun fishing for snapper blues, chicken dolphin and other small but feisty saltwater gamefish.

With thousands of fishing rods available for spinning, crankbait, jigging, popping, trolling and more, you can choose from the best fishing rods for saltwater, expertly selected by and for passionate fishermen. Choose from spinning and baitcasting rods as well as conventional boat rods.

Our saltwater fishing rods come in all sizes, from 7-foot Star Delux fishing rods made with premium E-glass for boat trolling to 12-foot Shimano Tiralejo surf spinning rods with stainless steel frames. We have Jigging World Nexus spinning rods as well as surf, casting, jigging and conventional rods from this company. No matter which brand you pick, rest assured that each rod is designed and constructed from quality materials to resist saltwater corrosion. These rods will provide the right combination of power, action and durability.

If you're not sure which rod is right for you and the kind of fishing you do, no worries. No matter what your fishing interests or budget, our experts will help you compare products and select a rod to give you years of use and plenty of big catches. In fact, we're so confident that you'll love our high-quality products and personal service that we guarantee satisfaction on every order.

Daiwa Harrier Inshore Spinning RodsDaiwa Harrier Inshore Casting RodsDaiwa Saltiga G Dendoh Style Deep Drop RodsDaiwa Saltiga G Kite RodDaiwa Eliminator Boat RodsDaiwa Saltiga Boat RodsDaiwa Saltist Boat RodsDaiwa V.I.P. Saltwater Boat Rod SeriesDaiwa Saltiga Dendoh-Style RodsDaiwa Sealine Surf RodsDaiwa Sealine Boat Conventional SLB RodsDaiwa Beefstick-SF Conventional Surf RodsDaiwa Beefstick-SF Spinning Surf RodsDaiwa Beefstick BT Conventional Boat RodsDaiwa Beefstick BT Spinning Boat RodsDaiwa Beefstick BT Trolling/Bottom Boat RodsDaiwa Saltiga G Boat Travel RodsDaiwa Proteus Boat Conventional RodsDaiwa Coastal Salt Pro Surf Spinning RodsDaiwa FT Boat RodsDaiwa Proteus Inshore RodsDaiwa Team Daiwa Surf Spinning RodsDaiwa Proteus SS Spinning RodsDaiwa Proteus SS Casting RodsDaiwa Saltist Inshore Spinning RodsDaiwa Saltist Inshore Casting RodsDaiwa Proteus Boat Spinning RodsDaiwa Seagate Boat RodsDaiwa Sealine Boat RodsDaiwa Emblem Surf RodsDaiwa Emcast-A Surf RodsDaiwa Sealine-A Surf RodsDaiwa Tournament Ballistic Surf RodsDaiwa MP71XF-RT Marine Power RodDaiwa Ardito Surf Travel RodsDaiwa SG63S-3F JDM Saltiga Jigging Rod Blue/BlackDaiwa Aird Coastal Inshore Spinning RodsDaiwa Harrier Inshore Gulf Coast ''Type-L'' Spinning RodsDaiwa Procyon Inshore Spinning RodsDaiwa Procyon Inshore Casting RodsDaiwa Proteus Northeast Inshore Spinning RodsDaiwa Proteus Northeast Inshore Casting RodsDaiwa Saltist Offshore Trolling RodsDaiwa Saltist Northeast Inshore Spinning RodsDaiwa Saltist Northeast Inshore Casting RodsDaiwa Tanacom Dendoh Offshore Deep Drop RodsDaiwa Wilderness Downrigger Trolling RodsDaiwa Saltiga G Quick Grip Boat RodsDaiwa Harrier Inshore Gulf Coast Spinning RodsDaiwa Proteus-WN Saltwater RodsDaiwa V.I.P. A Saltwater RodsDaiwa Back Bay Spinning RodsDaiwa Saltist Inshore West Coast Spinning RodsDaiwa Harrier Jigging RodsDaiwa Aird Coastal Inshore Casting RodsDaiwa Proteus Popping RodsDaiwa Saltist Trolling RodsDaiwa Proteus Inshore Rods - Old ModelsDaiwa ELEV8 Jigging RodsDaiwa Tanacom Kite RodDaiwa Sealine X-Treme Interline Travel RodsDaiwa Saltiga Saltwater Travel RodsDaiwa Saltist Inshore Casting Rods (Old Models)Daiwa Saltist Inshore Spinning Rods (Old Models)Daiwa Procyon Inshore Casting Rods (Old Models)Daiwa Procyon Inshore Spinning Rods (Old Models)Daiwa Team Daiwa Surf Spinning Rods (Old Models)Daiwa ISLA Inshore Casting RodsDaiwa ISLA Inshore Spinning Rods
Okuma Scott Martin Signature TCS Casting RodsOkuma Scott Martin Signature TCS Spinning RodsOkuma Battle Cat Casting RodsOkuma Shadow Stalker Inshore Casting RodsOkuma Nomad Xpress Travel Boat RodsOkuma Saltwater Cedros Jigging Spinning RodsOkuma Cedros Surf CSX RodsOkuma Cruz Popping RodsOkuma Cedros Surf A Series RodsOkuma Nomad Travel RodsOkuma Nomad Inshore Travel RodsOkuma Makaira Roller Guide Trolling RodsOkuma Nomad Xpress Inshore Travel RodsOkuma SST Travel Spinning RodsOkuma Citrix Graphite Travel RodsOkuma Battle Cat Spinning RodsOkuma Thunder Cat Catfish RodsOkuma Calynn RodsOkuma SST-C-791H SST SST Casting RodOkuma SST Kokanee RodsOkuma CE-C-791Ha Celilo Graphite RodOkuma Celilo Ultralight Spinning RodsOkuma Celilo Specialty RodsOkuma Shadow Stalker Inshore Gulf Coast RodsOkuma Blue Diamond A Series RodsOkuma Classic Pro GLT Catfish RodsOkuma Azores Jigging RodsOkuma Nomad Travel Surf RodsOkuma SCT Albacore RodsOkuma SCT Inshore RodsOkuma SCT Boat RodsOkuma CQ-S-862MH-1 Connoisseur Spinning Rod - 8ft. 6in.Okuma Cortez A-Series RodsOkuma CJ-C-601MH Cedros Jigging Casting RodOkuma CJ-C-601H Cedros Jigging Casting RodOkuma Rockaway Surf Spinning RodsOkuma Guide Select Pro Trout Spinning RodsOkuma Cedros A Series Spinning RodOkuma Cedros A Series RodOkuma PCH Custom Series Conventional RodsOkuma PCH Custom Series Spinning RodsOkuma PCH Custom Kite RodOkuma Makaira Conventional RodsOkuma Cortez RodsOkuma Axeon Pro Series RodsOkuma Tundra Pro Series Spinning RodsOkuma EVx ''B'' Series Musky Baitcasting RodsOkuma Hawaiian Custom Spinning RodsOkuma Nomad Xpress Travel RodsOkuma Nesika Surf RodsOkuma Ceymar Inshore Spinning RodsOkuma Ceymar Inshore Casting RodsOkuma Epixor Inshore Casting RodsOkuma Epixor Inshore Spinning RodsOkuma Hawaiian Custom Popping RodsOkuma Hawaiian Custom Slow Jigging RodsOkuma Cortez SBK Sabiki Rods
St Croix Mojo Jig RodsSt. Croix Mojo Salt RodsSt Croix Legend Xtreme Inshore Spinning & Casting RodsSt. Croix Mojo Surf Spinning RodsSt. Croix Mojo Conventional Surf RodsSt. Croix Triumph Saltwater Conventional RodsSt. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Casting RodsSt. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning RodsSt. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Travel RodsSt. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Casting Travel RodsSt. Croix Legend Tournament Musky RodsSt. Croix Triumph Surf RodsSt. Croix Triumph Surf Travel RodsSt. Croix Avid Series Surf Fishing RodsSt. Croix Avid AVS Series Spinning RodsSt. Croix AVC Series Casting RodsSt. Croix Avid AVC Crankbait Series Casting RodsSt. Croix Avid AVC Series Salmon & Steelhead Casting RodsSt. Croix Premier Spinning RodsSt. Croix Premier Casting RodsSt. Croix Legend Elite Spinning and Casting RodsSt Croix Avid Series Salmon & Steelhead Center Pin RodsSt Croix Avid Pearl Spinning RodsSt Croix Avid Pearl Casting RodsSt. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning RodsSt. Croix Mojo Inshore Casting RodsSt. Croix Legend Salt Conventional RodsSt. Croix Legend Trek RodsSt. Croix Avid X Spinning RodsSt. Croix Avid X Casting RodsSt. Croix Avid Inshore RodsSt. Croix Legend Surf Spinning & Conventional Rods - New ModelsSt. Croix Legend Tournament Inshore Spinning RodsSt. Croix Legend Tournament Inshore Casting RodsSt. Croix Traveler Rod CaseSt. Croix Mojo Yak Spinning RodsSt. Croix Mojo Yak Casting RodsSt. Croix Cloth Rod SacksSt. Croix Legend Surf Casting & Spinning Rods - Old ModelsSt. Croix Avid Series Surf Rods - Old Models