Whether you're a serious angler or just a casual fisherman, you know that fishing will take you out in all kinds of weather. You have to prepare for the unexpected. Even the brightest, sunniest day can quickly turn soggy when an unexpected squall blows in.

No worries. At TackleDirect, we have the fishing sportswear, apparel and outdoor gear that will keep you comfortable in fair or foul weather.

We carry outdoor apparel from leading names in the industry such as AFTCO, Huk, Grundens, Stormr, and dozens more. Our collection of fishing apparel runs the gamut. From T-shirts and belts suitable for wearing around town or on a boat to foul-weather gear designed to keep you dry in the harshest conditions, you'll get to pick from the best there is - quality threads that look great and won't let you down.

Some of our clothing includes SPF protection. These clothes help keep you cool and comfortable while guarding your skin against the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. We also stock many types of hats and caps to keep the sun off your face as well as a full lineup of quality sunglasses. Besides protecting your eyes from the sun and helping protect against cataracts and other eye problems, these polarized shades will also help you see underwater so you can spot the fish you hope to sight-cast to.

In addition, TackleDirect carries a huge assortment of waders, hip boots, deck shoes and fishing footwear to give you a surefooted grip whether you're fishing from a boat, in the surf or on a river. Just a few of the manufacturers of these sturdy shoes in our stable are leading names like Caddis, Compass360, and Simms.

Whether you're traveling for an exotic fishing trip on the other side of the world or just need a bag to carry your gear on your boat or in your vehicle, we carry lots of fishing bags and luggage designed specifically with the angler in mind. These include plenty of pockets and compartments to keep you well organized wherever you are. TackleDirect also offers a variety of sportsmen's watches that do a lot more than just tell time. Many of these timepieces are available with GPS as well as special features such as tidal information, countdown timers and much more.