Saltwater Storage Bags & Tackle Boxes

Saltwater Fishing Tackle Storage

Sometimes a big fish isn't the biggest threat to your saltwater tackle. Any veteran angler knows what it's like to have equipment lost or broken because it was unorganized or unprotected. If you're going to lose your favorite fishing pliers or lures, it should be in pursuit of a big catch - not because you dropped them getting out of the car or because your saltwater tackle bag wasn't strong enough to handle a rain shower.

Our saltwater fishing tackle boxes and storage bags will help you maintain your gear on the water, at home and everywhere. A saltwater tackle box or bag is made of ultra-tough materials that will lock out moisture and debris while absorbing impacts. With premium storage options from Plano, Calcutta, Aquaskinz, Shimano, and other top brands, your prized saltwater fishing tackle will be safe and secure from the elements and accidents.

Best Saltwater Tackle Bags and Boxes

We offer all sorts of saltwater tackle boxes, bags, and cases for your prized gear. An all-purpose tackle bag or saltwater fishing backpack can hold everything you need for a day on the water. Get fishing backpacks with rod holders and both hands will be free for carrying the coolers you expect to fill. You'll also find plenty of fishing lure boxes, lure wraps, and terminal tackle bags to separate these delicate items. We have lure bags for specific types of baits as well, including jetty storage bags and jig bags. Some bags include hardshell storage tubes to resist impacts. Going to the deepest, stormiest of ocean waters? Look for completely waterproof tackle bags and boxes that keep the contents bone-dry in any condition.

Many of our fishing tackle boxes and bags make it easy for you to organize your gear. Separate pockets or racks for lures, jigs, lines, tools, and even spare clothing and electronics simplify storage and prevent rattling. A utility custom tackle box lets the angler set up the internal compartments however is best for them. You can also get duffel bags with outer mesh pockets to store items that have gotten wet. Use our Fishing Location filter to search for an inshore or offshore tackle bag that's tailored to the gear you'll need and the stress it will take from Mother Nature.

Tackle Storage Big and Small

TackleDirect takes care of your tackle no matter what size it is. If you're worried about getting your rod mixed up with other tackle, you can get a lockable rod case or rod tube with foam padding. Rod holders and racks give you a safe place to set them on the boat, at home or in a truck. Other specialized storage options available include line spool boxes, crankbait organizers, pocket lure bags and liquid bait storage containers.

Look for tackle box accessories as well to personalize your storage. Treble hook safety caps, reel covers, stretch wraps, and bucket topper trays are a few of the fun ways we help protect your gear and keep it ready for the next. We even have mounted cup holders for setting down your water bottle or coffee mug while you battle with a giant marlin.

Answers for Storing Your Fishing Gear

From clear-view tackle boxes and colorful rod gloves to drainable surf bags, our fishing superstore has the perfect fishing gear storage solution. If you're not sure what's best for your storage needs, our experts will be happy to assist you. Just call us seven days a week at 1-888-354-7335 or email You'll get the personal service you deserve from a family-owned business with more than two decades of experience in the fishing tackle industry. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every order and we ship worldwide!