If you love scuba diving and skin diving but don't love the sound of tanks and spearguns rolling across the deck in bouncy seas, you'll love the scuba and skin-diving storage and stowage products available from TackleDirect. These carefully crafted items will keep your diving gear safely and securely out of the way until you need it. They will give you more space in the cockpit or anywhere else in your boat where you install them.

Our stowage and storage products include speargun and spear-shaft racks that will keep your spearguns securely stowed. These racks will hold most popular speargun brands. Besides organizing your equipment, these handy racks will also help prevent painful accidents that could occur if spearguns are allowed to roll around or fall on the deck. Choose from versions that can accommodate two to four spearguns in vertical or horizontal configurations. We also carry a spear-shaft rack that can hold up to seven shafts.

TackleDirect also carries tank racks that will keep your scuba tanks safe and secure. Available in versions that can hold one to four tanks, these racks are a cinch to install. Their vacuum-powered suction cups mean you don't have to drill or drive screws into your boat.