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You can fish with the best lure or bait there is. But if the fish don't see it, you might as well be fishing with a bare hook. You simply have to present your lures and baits to the fish where they are.

Many times that means getting your lures down deep. Downriggers will help you present your baits and lures to the fish at their level. A high-quality downrigger can be used for deep sea and bottom fishing almost anywhere. Target lake trout and other freshwater fish hunkering deep in a lake to escape warm summer temps or chase after king mackerel and other saltwater species lurking close to the bottom. Furthermore, a downrigger is a lot easier and more fun to fish with than many other methods of deep fishing, such as wire line, which is prone to kinking and takes the fun out of the fight.

At TackleDirect, we carry a big assortment of downriggers and planers to help you take your lures and baits down to the fishes' level. TackleDirect has downriggers, planers and accessories made by leading manufacturers, including Cannon, AFTCO, Scotty and many more. In addition to traditional manual downriggers, we also offer electric downriggers for really deep fishing or just to take the strain off your arm so you can save your energy for the fish. Both saltwater and freshwater downriggers come in many sizes so you'll have one powerful enough for the species you're targeting. We even have downriggers aimed at tournament and commercial fishermen.

Drone planers can be an easy and effective alternative to other methods of deep trolling. We offer L.B. Huntington planers that take your lures and baits down deep without weights and are surprisingly affordable. These devices work with any type of fishing line, and the thinner the line is, the deeper the planer goes! TackleDirect also carries clips and accessories for downriggers and drones, including mounting brackets, terminators, locks, spare spools and spare cables.

If you enjoy the fast-growing sport of kite fishing, we have kites and kite accessories for this exciting and productive method. Aftco kites are made of tough waterproof rip-stop nylon that will boost your fun quotient when fishing for sailfish, dolphin and other pelagics. You'll also find all the kite-fishing parts and accessories you need at TackleDirect, including clips and mounts. Any time that you need to set a lure or bait at just the right depth, count on high-quality products and better service at TackleDirect. Our selection is unmatched and includes fast worldwide shipping.

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