Whether you're fishing, water skiing or just cruising, time on the water will renew and refresh you and your crew. But every boater ought to have a little insurance for fun in the sun. Although accidents are unlikely, they happen. It's best to be prepared.

At TackleDirect, we carry a huge inventory of fishing and boating rescue and safety gear, signals and accessories. The safety gear we have gives you a backup plan in case something goes wrong. We also stock lighting and other accessories that will make your boating life safer and more convenient.

One of the most important pieces of safety gear you can get for your boat is an EPIRB. These ingenious electronic devices send an emergency signal to get help should you and your crew end up in the water. They're a wise investment for all recreational and commercial boaters. TackleDirect carries EPIRBs from leading manufacturers like ACR Electronics. In addition, we have lots of EPIRB accessories, such as bags and replacement batteries.

Our radar reflectors will help other vessels pick up your boat on their radar. We also carry a variety of tail lights and tail-light kits for trailers.

For smaller boats operating inshore, such as canoes and kayaks, consider one of our whistles. Low tech, low maintenance and low cost, these can summon help in the event of an emergency. We also carry rugged, lightweight distress flags. To help protect swimmers in the water, check out our signal flags that come complete with buoys.