Anchors & Mooring

An anchor is one of those unsung heroes of boating. You only really miss it when it's gone or not functioning properly. In addition to holding your boat where you want it for fishing, diving or other fun activities on the water, a good anchor can also save your boat and maybe your life if your engine cuts out unexpectedly. If you moor your boat, a good mooring anchor will help ensure that you don't wake up one morning to find your boat gone.

At TackleDirect, we carry a complete line of anchors, moorings, lines and accessories. Made by leading manufacturers such as Anchorman, Tie Down Engineering and Unicord, these superior products will provide dependable performance, even in the worst conditions, when you need them most. Whether you're looking for a hook for a dinghy or a yacht, you'll find the appropriate anchor, line and accessories at TackleDirect to keep your boat securely in place.

Our anchors include standard Danforth-style hooks that are perfect for the typical boater's needs as well as specialty anchors designed for specific fishing applications. Our Anchorman wreck anchors, for instance, have been made with wreck fishing in mind. Whether you're targeting tautogs in the north or going for grouper in the south, if you're fishing wrecks or other bottom structure, these tough, grapple-style anchors will keep you where the fish are even in heavy seas. They're also easy to pull and could save you lost anchors, hassles and money.

If you're eager to save time and get out on the water, check out our anchor kits, which come complete with anchor, nylon anchor rode with thimble, chain and shackles. This grab-and-go set comes complete with its own bucket for safe, secure storage.

We also carry a full array of quality nylon anchor lines in diameters of 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch and lengths from 50 to 300 feet. For finishing your lines' cut ends, make it easy on yourself with accessories like our environmentally friendly whip-end dip.