Freshwater Line & Leader

Fishing line and leaders are crucial parts of any fishing system. But like a good bass player in a band, they shouldn't be noticed. Rather, they should play their part in the background quietly and reliably. Fishing line should be hard to see for the fish but easy to see and work with for the angler. It should be sensitive enough to telegraph even the faintest nibbles but strong enough to handle blazing fish runs and abrasion from rocks, teeth and scales. Because they connect the hook or lure to the main line, leaders must be especially hard to see but resistant to abrasion. At TackleDirect, we carry all the popular types of fishing lines and leaders to suit your exact needs, whether you're fishing for bluegills with a bobber and a speck of worm, or for giant black marlin with foot-long lures. You'll find fishing lines in many strengths here ranging from 1-pound test to 1,000-pound test. We carry lines and leaders made by more than a dozen premium manufacturers, including Berkley, Momoi, Sufix, Power Pro and Spiderwire.

Monofilament Line and Leader:

Monofilament fishing line has enjoyed huge popularity among freshwater and saltwater anglers for years. It's practically invisible in the water, making it especially good for fooling fish in clear water. Monofilament is stretchy, however, which can make it hard to detect faint bites and nibbles. It has a high memory, which can lead to problems with tangles and backlashes.

Thanks to its affordability and ease of use, however, mono makes an excellent choice for most anglers. At TackleDirect, you'll find spools of monofilament leader and line from leading manufacturers like Berkley, Ande, Momoi, and many more.

Braid Line:

Made of tough high-tech polyethylene, braid is manufactured by braiding minuscule fibers together. This type of line has increased immensely in popularity in the past few decades. That's primarily due to braid's lack of stretch. For the angler, that translates into increased sensitivity to fish bites. The farther your line's out, the more important sensitivity becomes, since stretchy line won't telegraph fish bites as efficiently as rigid braid.

Although it's popular for many types of freshwater and saltwater fishing, braid can boost your catch if you're deep bottom fishing or trolling with a lot of line out. At TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of saltwater braided line, including Spiderwire, Power Pro, Sufix, and Berkley.

Fluorocarbon Line and Leader:

Nearly invisible underwater, fluorocarbon is a natural choice for leader material and for fishing in conditions where the water is clear. Particularly popular for baitcasting reels, fluorocarbon line also gives a more direct feel of the fish for the faintest bites. We carry fluorocarbon line and leaders from Seaguar, Sunline and many other companies.