Mustad Saltwater Terminal Tackle

Since 1877, Mustad has been making strong, sharp hooks that have attracted a loyal following of smart anglers. Besides its famous hooks, this Norwegian company also makes a line of terminal tackle that is up to the challenges of the hardest-fighting gamefish in the sea. If you're looking for tackle that stands up to the ocean's harsh environment and toothy critters, TackleDirect carries a big selection of Mustad saltwater hooks, swivels, rings, jigs and terminal tackle.

You'll find hooks in all shapes and sizes here to catch anything from a winter flounder or surfperch to a monster marlin or big shark. Choose from J-hooks, circle hooks and a variety of other styles to suit your fishing style. Snelled hooks and treble hooks are available as well as single hooks.

If you're looking for a classic lure made with careful craftsmanship and superior materials, check out our selection of Mustad jigs. We also carry plenty of quality Mustad terminal tackle and hardware to ensure a tight connection and tight lines. Ball-bearing and non-ball-bearing swivels and snap swivels will help prevent line twist and make changing lures easy. You can also find solid and split rings here for repairing or modifying lures.