Freshwater Spinning Reels

Spinning reels have probably done more to popularize sport fishing in the last century than any other invention. These reels are so simple to use that beginners and kids can get the hang of casting with them in just a few minutes. Unlike traditional baitcasting reels, spinning reels produce no backlashes that gum up their works with nasty bird's nests of tangled line. Spinning reels are also better able to cast light lures and baits than traditional baitcasting reels. That makes them ideal for freshwater fishing. With a spinning reel, you can cast even a tiny 1/16-ounce spinner as you stalk native brook trout in a clear mountain stream. But these versatile reels are also capable of casting much bigger lures too, and their ease of use, accuracy, and reliability has made them favorites for anglers chasing bigger species like largemouth bass, walleye, and other big fish.

What to Look For:

At TackleDirect, we carry a huge selection of freshwater spinning reels. These include offerings from leading manufacturers like Shimano, Daiwa, Abu Garcia and Quantum. Reel bodies usually are made of aluminum or graphite, both of which are light and resist corrosion. When selecting your spinning reel, you'll want to pay special attention to the drag system, which should operate smoothly and efficiently for fighting fish. You'll also want quality ball bearings for smooth operation.

We carry ultralight spinning reels that will handle lines as light as 2-pound test and are perfect for stalking trout in clear water. TackleDirect also has huskier spinning reels that you can spool up with 20- to 30-pound test to cast a mile and handle the biggest freshwater fish, like bass, pike and muskies. If you just want to get one spinning reel that will handle a wide range of fishing opportunities in lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks, take a look at our spinning reels sized for 6- to 8-pound test. These will handle everything from crappie, perch and bluegills to big bass.

You'll also find a wide assortment of gear ratios in our freshwater spinning reels. These are pretty straightforward: the lower the gear ratio, the slower the retrieve. The lowest gear ratios provide the highest power for reeling in big fish, while the fastest gear ratios enable you to retrieve your lures at high speed to jolt fish into strikes. For all-around freshwater fishing, consider our spinning reels with medium gear ratios.