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For more than 40 years, Humminbird has been making fishfinders and other electronic devices to help anglers get on fish. Acknowledged as a leading innovator in side imaging technology, Humminbird has developed a reputation as a maker of quality electronic gear that’s easy to use and precise. At TackleDirect, we’re proud to offer an outstanding collection of Humminbird electronics, fishfinders and accessories. Whether you fish in the ocean or on a lake, our Humminbird electronic equipment will help you find the fish and stay on them.

TackleDirect offers a big variety of Humminbird fish finders that will help you catch more fish, whether you’re in saltwater or freshwater. These range from compact fishfinders that can be gimbal mounted or flush mounted just about anywhere in your boat to portable fishfinders that you can easily take along with you even in small craft like kayaks and canoes. If you’re into ice fishing, check out the line of Humminbird ice fishing flashers and accessories we carry that can help you zero in on the fish swimming down below. Designed for diehard ice anglers, these machines can heat up the fishing excitement on even the coldest winter days.

We also have combo units that combine sonar and navigational tools, letting you keep one eye on what’s going on underneath your boat and the other one on a safe journey. At TackleDirect, you’ll also find Humminbird products designed exclusively to help ensure safe, efficient navigation. These include autopilots as well as electronic charts, mapping software and GPS accessories designed to get you to the fishing grounds and back to port the best way.

If you’re looking for a Humminbird fishfinder transducer, we’ve got plenty of transducers specifically designed to work with these fishfinders. Choose from an assortment of thru-hull transducers, transom-mount transducers and trolling motor transducers. In addition, TackleDirect carries a big selection of Humminbird accessories including cables, switches, mounting accessories and much more to set your Humminbird systems up correctly.

Humminbird TSW-10 Temp/Speed Extension Cable, 10 ft.Humminbird ECW-10 Transducer Extension Cable, 10 ft.Humminbird ECW-30 Transducer Extension Cable, 30 ft.Humminbird PC-10 Replacement 6' Power CableHumminbird AS-HHGPS Handheld GPS Connector CableHumminbird AS-PC2 PC Connection KitHumminbird AS-SILR Y Splitter CableHumminbird AS-SIDB Y Cable for Side Image & Dual BeamHumminbird TS3 W Transducer SwitchHumminbird PC11 Power CordHumminbird 409480-1 AS RC1 Bluetooth Remote Control w/ DongleHumminbird 720060-1 SPK2 Speaker Cable f/ ION - 2MHumminbird 720061-1 SXT5 Serial Cable Extension - 5MHumminbird 720062-1 ALM2 Alarm Cable f/ ION - 2MHumminbird 720064-1 SC1 ION Serial Cable - 1MHumminbird 720065-1 PC 2 Power Cable f/ ION Series - 6 ft.Humminbird 720067-1 DC 1 ION Serial Cable - 1MHumminbird 720068-1 DCX 5 Serial Cable Extension - 5MHumminbird 720079-1 AS DUAL NMEA ONIX Splitter CableHumminbird 720084-1 AD VIDEO HDMI Cable f/ ION/ONIXHumminbird 720085-1 PC12 Power Cord f/ ION & ONIX Series - 6 ft.Humminbird 720086-1 PC 12 ST Power Cable w/ Speed & Temp f/ ONIXHumminbird 760022-1 VCA 1 Video USB Converter f/ IONHumminbird 760032-1 AS EC CHART Networking - 8 Pin Unit to PCHumminbird 760033-1 AS RC1 ION Cable f/ GPS ConnectionHumminbird 770028-1 GCBK Portable 7-Amp Battery & ChargerHumminbird 408450-1 AS ETH 5PXG 5 Port Ethernet SwitchHumminbird 720080-1 AS GPS NMEA ONIX Splitter CableHumminbird 720073-4 AS EC 30E Ethernet Cable - 30ftHumminbird 760025-1 AS ECX 30E Ethernet Cable Extender - 8-Pin - 30ftHumminbird 720066-1 XT5 Transducer Extension Cable - 5MHumminbird 720082-1 AS 14SILRY ION/ONIX Splitter CableHumminbird 720083-1 AS-14SIDBY Splitter Cable f/ ION & ONIX SeriesHumminbird 760030-1 AD 1429 ONIX Transducer Adapter Cable ConverterHumminbird 14-Pin Transducer Extension CablesHumminbird HCCT Cable Connect Tray f/ HELIXHumminbird HELIX Power Cord - 12V DC
Humminbird MHX-HS T/M HardwareHumminbird MHX XMK Kayak Transducer Mounting KitHumminbird IDMK-700 In-Dash Mounting Kit for 700 SeriesHumminbird IDMK-300 In-Dash Mounting Kit for 300 SeriesHumminbird IDMK-1100 In Dash Mount For 1100 SeriesHumminbird MHX XNT Transducer BracketHumminbird AD STM 7 Trolling Motor Bracket for Side ImageHumminbird MS-M Additional Quick Connect MountHumminbird IDMK900 Flush Mount Kit for 900 SeriesHumminbird MHX-XMK-DI Down Image Kayak Transducer Mt KitHumminbird AD XTM 9 Trolling Motor Adapter for XNT TransducersHumminbird 740083-1 GM2 Gimbal Mount f/ 800 & 900 SeriesHumminbird 740134-1 GM 8 Gimbal Mount f/ ONIX 8Humminbird 740135-1 GM 10 Gimbal Mount f/ ONIX 10Humminbird 740143-1 GM H5 Gimbal Mount f/ HELIX 5Humminbird 740146-1 GM H7 Gimbal Mount f/ HELIX 7Humminbird 740149-1 GM H910 Gimbal Mount Bracket f/ HELIX 9 & 10Humminbird 740147-1 IDMK ONIX8 In Dash Mounting Kit f/ ONIX 8Humminbird 740148-1 IDMK Onix10 In Dash Mounting Kit f/ ONIX 10Humminbird 740142-1 IMDK H5 In Dash Mounting Kit f/ HELIX 5Humminbird 740145-1 IDMK H7 In Dash Mounting Kit f/ HELIX 7Humminbird 740150-1 IDMK 910 In Dash Mounting Kit f/ HELIX 9 & 10Humminbird 740113-1 BK-1 Mounting Bracket f/ ION 12Humminbird 740119-1 MS 700W Quick Disconnect Mount f/ 700 EthernetHumminbird 740090-1 MHX XNPT Portable Hardware KitHumminbird 740140-1 PORT-360BKT Portable Mounting BracketHumminbird 740141-1 AD TM 14 Trolling Motor HardwareHumminbird 740152-1 Flush Mount Kit f/ HELIX 12 SeriesHumminbird IDMK-H89R Reinforced In-Dash Mounting Kit f/ HELIX 8/9 G3Humminbird MHX-HW MEGA Imaging Metal Transom Mount Bracket