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Since its founding in 1989 by two guys in Kansas named Gary and Min, Garmin has led the way in helping people find their way. Based in Switzerland but with facilities around the world, including the U.S., this company has long been noted for its innovations and advances in GPS technology. Vertical integration from design and engineering to manufacturing and warehousing helps ensure quality in every Garmin electronics product sold.

TackleDirect offers a big choice of Garmin boat electronics. Whether you are looking for a Garmin 93sv fishfinder or a Garmin echoMAP 74sv, you will find it here. And TackleDirect can ship to you wherever you are in the world fast and at a reasonable price.

If you can’t decide which Garmin is for you, check out our descriptions and reviews, such as our Garmin 54dv owner reviews. Or call or email our expert staff for advice about the Garmin electronics that will work best for you and your situation, whether you fish from a kayak or from a tournament rigged sportfishing boat.

We carry every Garmin product you’ll ever need, from finding your way to the fishing grounds and locating the fish under your boat to finding your way back to port. Our Garmin chartplotters offer the latest in navigational technology and high processing power to give you pinpoint accuracy in your travels. We also carry Garmin chartplotter/sonar combos that help you gauge what’s under your boat as well as what’s around it. You’ll also find many Garmin standalone fishfinders here, including standard-mount models as well as portable fishfinders that you can easily take along on a kayak, canoe or other small boat. Coming complete with transducer and portable case, these portable models are also excellent for ice fishing on your favorite frozen lake.

To keep abreast of fishing conditions or to make an emergency call, it’s smart to carry a VHF radio on board, and Garmin offers a big selection of VHF radio systems as well as VHF accessories such as speakers and microphones. In fact, you can find genuine Garmin accessories for just about any Garmin device here, including mounts, cables, protective covers and much more.

Garmin B164-0-8G 1kW Thru-Hull Transducer for GSD24 - 8-PinGarmin TM150M Transom Mount - 8 PinGarmin External Mount Water Temp Probe - Airmar T80 - 8-PinGarmin Plastic Thru-Hull Speed/Temp Sensor - 8-PinGarmin Transom/Trolling Motor Mount Dual Beam TransducerGarmin P72 Trolling Motor or In-Hull Transducer - 8-PinGarmin P19 Nylon Tilt Transducers - 8-PinGarmin B619 Bronze Thru Hull Transducers - 8-PinGarmin B175 Bronze Thru-Hull TranducersGarmin B150M Bronze Thru-Hull TransducersGarmin B75 Bronze Thru-Hull TransducersGarmin GT30 Stainless Steel Thru-Hull TransducersGarmin GT40-TM - DownVü/SideVü/Traditional Transducer w/ TempGarmin GT DownVu/SideVu Transom Mount TransducersGarmin GT DownVü/SideVü Thru-Hull TransducersGarmin Panoptix PS30 Down TransducerGarmin Panoptix PS31 Forward TransducerGarmin B265LM Bronze Thru-Hull Mount Transducer w/ Depth & TempGarmin 010-11811-20 Pocket Mount Transducer w/ Depth & TempGarmin 010-11823-00 GSD 26 Terminal LidGarmin 010-12445-10 NMEA 2000 Adapter Cable f/ echoMAP CHIRP 5XdvGarmin 010-01406-00 Panoptix PS60 Thru-Hull Down TransducerGarmin 010-01588-00 Panoptix PS21 LiveVu Forward TransducerGarmin 010-11613-10 Transducer to 12-Pin Sounder Wire | TackleDirectGarmin 010-12234-05 12-Pin To Dual 4-Pin Transducer Y-CableGarmin 010-12234-06 User Data Sharing CableGarmin 010-12234-07 Adapter Cable To Connect GT30 T/M to P729/P79Garmin 010-12357-00 Kayak In-Hull Transducer MountGarmin TM265LH Plastic Transom Mount Transducer w/ Depth & TempGarmin M265LH Plastic In-Hull Mount Transducer w/ DepthGarmin GT8HW-TM Plastic Transducer High Wide CHIRP - 150-240kHzGarmin GT8HW-IF Ice Fishing Plastic High Wide CHIRP TransducerGarmin GT15M-IH Plastic In-Hull Mid-Band CHIRP Transducer - 85-165kHzGarmin GT22HW-TM Plastic Transducer High Wide CHIRP/CHIRP DownVuGarmin GT23M-TM Plastic Transducer Mid-Band CHIRP/CHIRP DownVuGarmin GT23M-TH Stainless Transducer Mid-Band CHIRP/CHIRP DownVuGarmin GT52HW-TM Plastic Transducer High Wide CHIRP/DownVu/SideVuGarmin 010-12406-00 Transducer Spray ShieldGarmin 12-Pin Transducer Extension Cable w/ XIDGarmin 010-12006-11 Heavy-Duty Transom Mount Bracket w/ Spray ShieldGarmin 010-10183-22 B744V 600W Triducer 50/200kHz 8-PinGarmin B744VL Long Stem Brnz Thru-Hull Depth/Temp/Speed w/ FB - 8 PinGarmin P319 Plastic Thru-Hull Depth/Temp - 8 PinGarmin GT41-THP Transducer Pair w/ Fairing BlockGarmin Replacement Fairing Block for Thru-Hull TransducersGarmin SS60 Thru-Hull TransducersGarmin Airmar SS502 Stainless Steel Depth/Temp Transducer - 8 PinGarmin Airmar 509LHW 3kW Thru-Hull TransducerGarmin Airmar R109LHW 2kW Thru-Hull TransducerGarmin Airmar R111LH 2kW In-Hull/Pocket Mounted TransducerGarmin PM265LM 1kW Pocket Mount TransducerGarmin Airmar CM599LHW 1-3kW Pocket Mounted TransducerGarmin Panoptix LVS32 TransducerGarmin 010-12181-20 Bronze Thru-hull Wide Beam Transducer - 0 Deg TiltGarmin 010-12181-21 Bronze Thru-hull Wide Beam XDucer - 12 Degree TiltGarmin 8-Pin Transducer to 12-Pin Sounder Adapter Cable w/ XIDGarmin Shaft Mount f/ Panoptix PS21Garmin Barrel Mount f/ Panoptix PS21Garmin GT20-TM Transom Mount DownVu CHIRP/Trad Transducer w/TempGarmin GT40-TM - Transom DownVu/SideVu CHIRP/Trad Transducer w/ TempGarmin GT50M-TM Transom DownVu/SideVu CHIRP/Traditional TransducerGarmin GT50M-TH Thru-Hull DownVu/SideVu CHIRP/Traditional TransducerGarmin GT50M-THP Thru-Hull DownVu/SideVu CHIRP/Traditional TransducersGarmin CV20-TM Traditional/ClearVu Transom Mount Transducer - 8-PinGarmin CV23M-TH Mid Band Trad/ClearVu Chirp Thru Hull TransducerGarmin CV51M-TH Mid Band Trad/ClearVu/SideVu Chirp TH TransducerGarmin CV51M-THP Mid Band Trad/DownVu/SideVu CHIRP TH TransducersGarmin GT30-TM ClearVu/SideVu TM and GT8HW-IH High Wide In-Hull BundleGarmin GPSMAP 742xs Touchscreen Chartplotter w/ CV23M-TM TransducerGarmin GT10HN-IF Ice Fishing TransducerGarmin GPSMAP 942xs w/ CV23M Transom Mount TransducerGarmin GT34UHD-TM Ultra HD Transom Mount TransducerGarmin GT34UHD-TH Ultra HD Thru-Hull TransducerGarmin GT34UHD-THP Ultra HD Thru-Hull Transducer - PairGarmin 4-Pin Transducer to 8-Pin Sonar PortGarmin 12-Pin Transducer Y-CableGarmin 4-Pin Transducer to 12-Pin Sounder Adapter CableGarmin B275LH-W Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer - 12-PinGarmin CV51M-TM 12-Pin CHIRP DownVu Transom Mount Transducer - BoxedGarmin GT24UHD-TM Ultra High-Definition Scanning Sonar All-In-One TransducerGarmin GT54UHD-TM Ultra High-Definition Scanning Sonar All-In-One TransducerGarmin LVS32 Thru-Hull Fairing Block f/ Panoptix LiveScope SystemGarmin LVS32 Thru-Hull Stem ExtenderGarmin Panoptix LiveScope LVS12 TransducerGarmin Transom Mount Bracket f/ Panoptix LiveScope LVS12Garmin Trolling Motor Barrel Mount f/ Panoptix LiveScope LVS12Garmin Trolling Motor Shaft Mount f/ Panoptix LiveScope LVS12Garmin Panoptix LVS32-TH Thru-Hull Mount TransducerGarmin Panoptix LiveScope System w/ Thru-Hull Mount TransducerGarmin Airmar TM185M Transom Mount TransducerGarmin Replacement Transom Mount Transducer BracketGarmin Suction Cup Transducer AdapterGarmin 010-11613-00 8-Pin Female to Wire Block AdapterGarmin 010-12719-00 8-Pin Transducer to 4-Pin Sounder Adapter CableGarmin 010-11937-21 Airmar B175H 12 Deg. Thru-Hull Transducer w/ TempGarmin 010-10182-21 B117 Bronze Thru-Hull Depth/Temp - 8-PinGarmin 010-10703-20 B258 1kW Bronze Thru-Hull Depth/Temp w/ FB - 8-PinGarmin 010-10640-20 B260 1kW Bronze Thru-Hull Depth/Temp w/ FB - 8-PinGarmin 010-01749-00 GDT 43 Depth & Temperature TransducerGarmin 010-01749-10 GDT 43 NMEA 2000 Depth & Temperature TransducerGarmin 010-12402-10 GT15M-TM Transom Mount Transducer - 8-PinGarmin 010-01960-00 GT20-TM DownVu CHIRP Traditional Transducer w/TempGarmin 010-01962-10 GT21-TH ClearVu CHIRP Traditional CHIRP TransducerGarmin 010-01962-00 GT21-TM Traditional ClearVu CHIRP TransducerGarmin 010-12404-00 GT23M-TM Mid-Band CHIRP/CHIRP DownVu TransducerGarmin 010-01964-10 GT41-TH Trad. ClearVu/SideVu CHIRP TransducerGarmin 010-01964-00 GT41-TM DownVu/SideVu CHIRP Traditional TransducerGarmin 010-01966-10 GT51M-TH DownVu/SideVu CHIRP Mid-Band TransducerGarmin 010-01966-11 GT51M-THP DownVu/SideVu CHIRP Mid-Band TransducersGarmin 010-12401-10 GT8HW-IH In-Hull Transducer - 8-PinGarmin 010-00703-00 Intelliducer NMEA 2000 - TM Depth & TempGarmin 010-10192-21 P66 600W Transom Mount 50/200kHz - 8 PinGarmin P79-8G P79 600W In-Hull Transducer 50-200kHz - 8 PinGarmin 010-11394-00 P79S In-Hull Smart Transducer - NMEA 2000Garmin 010-01753-00 Panoptix PS51-TH LiveVu Forward TransducerGarmin TM260-8G TM260 1kW Plastic TM Depth/Temp - 8-PinGarmin 010-10272-10 Transom Mount Depth/Temp 50/200kHz - 8-PinGarmin 8-Pin Transducer Extension CablesGarmin B164-12-8G B164 1kW Tilted Element - 8-Pin - 12 DegreeGarmin 010-11010-20 B164 1kW Tilted Element - 8-Pin - 20 DegreeGarmin 010-10982-21 B60 600W Tilted Element - 8-Pin - 12 DegreeGarmin 010-10982-20 B60 600W Tilted Element - 8-Pin - 20 DegreeGarmin 010-00701-00 Intelliducer NMEA 2000 - Thru-hull - 0-12 DegreeGarmin 010-00701-01 Intelliducer NMEA 2000 - Thru-Hull - 13-24 DegreeGarmin Panoptix LiveScope Transducer 10' Extension Cable - 12-PinGarmin Fairing Block f/ GT30 Series TransducersGarmin 010-10272-00 Plastic Transom Mount Transducer w/ Depth & TempGarmin 010-10327-00 P79 Adjustable In Hull Transducer 50/200KHZ w/ 6-PinGarmin CV22HW-TM High Wide Traditional/ClearVu Transom Mount TransducerGarmin 010-01945-00 Panoptix PS22-TR LiveVU Forward & Down TransducerGarmin GT36UHD-TM Transom Mount TransducerGarmin GT56UHD-TM Transom Mount Transducer
Garmin NMEA 2000 Backbone/Drop CableGarmin Right Angle Power Cable for MFD UnitsGarmin 8-Pin Transducer to 4-Pin Sounder Adapter CableGarmin 4-Pin Transducer to 8-Pin Sounder Adapter CableGarmin 6-Pin Female to 8-Pin Male AdapterGarmin Transducer Extension Cable - 10' 4 Pin for echo SeriesGarmin NMEA 2000 Power IsolatorGarmin Verado Shadow Drive Fittings Kit for GHP 10Garmin Power Cable for Echo Series FishfindersGarmin Cigarette Lighter Adapter for c550/530, nuvi 670/660 & zumoGarmin GTM 60 HD Digital Traffic Receiver for nuvi 3400/2505/2405Garmin Power/Data Cable for GPSMAP 4x0s Sonar Series (Replacement)Garmin 010-12199-04 Power/Data Cable - 4-PinGarmin 010-11979-00 MotorGuide Adapter Cable f/ 4-Pin UnitsGarmin 010-12445-00 Power/Data Cable for echoMAP CHIRPGarmin Power Cable 8-pin for echoMAP & GPSMAP 547/741Garmin 010-10551-00 Marine Network Cable - 20 ft.Garmin NMEA 2000 Backbone/Drop Cables (Right Angle) 1ftGarmin J1939 Cable for GPSMAP UnitsGarmin GXM 53 Ethernet CablesGarmin GXM 53 Extension Cable CouplerGarmin Charging/Data Clip Cable for Fenix 5 & Forerunner 935Garmin Bare Wire USB Power Cable for VIRB Action CameraGarmin Right Angle Transducer Adapter - 12-PinGarmin Right Angle Transducer Adapter - 8-PinGarmin Right Angle Transducer Adapter Cable - 12-PinGarmin 4-Pin Transducer to 6-Pin Sounder Adapter CableGarmin 010-12765-00 Power Cable f/ GC 100 Wireless CameraGarmin 010-12531-01 Marine Network Adapter (Small to Large)Garmin 7-Pin Power/ Data Cable w/ 90 Degree ConnectorGarmin Power Cable - 8-PinGarmin VIRB X/ XE Rugged 10M Power CableGarmin Panoptix Ice Fishing Replacement Power CableGarmin Panoptix LiveScope Transducer Extension Cable - 21-PinGarmin Power Cable f/ GPSMAP 7x2, 9x2, 10x2, 12x2 SeriesGarmin NMEA 0183 Power/Hailer CableGarmin NMEA 0183 w/ Audio CableGarmin Update Rate Select CableGarmin USB Cable f/ GPSMAP 8400/8600Garmin Threaded Power/Data Cable f/ ECHOMAP Ultra - 4 PinGarmin Vehicle Power Cable KitGarmin Flush Mount SD Card ReaderGarmin 010-10603-00 Marine Network Cable Connector RJ45 - 2-PackGarmin 010-11170-01 Split Collar 11mm ConnectorGarmin 010-11442-00 NMEA 2000 Starter Kit
Garmin 010-11968-00 Second Mounting StationGarmin Mount Kits for 500 XS SeriesGarmin Flat Mount Kits for GPSMAP SeriesGarmin Flat Mount Kits for GMM SeriesGarmin 010-11854-00 Lanyard CarabinerGarmin Quick Release Mount for Echo 100 150 and 300CGarmin Jack Plate Mount for DownVu TransducerGarmin Vehicle Suction Cup Mount for nuvi 2x0 (Replacement)Garmin 010-12199-03 Tilt/Swivel Quick-Release MountGarmin 010-12233-03 Bail Mount w/ KnobsGarmin 010-12167-20 Bail Mount w/ Knobs f/ GPSMAP 7x16Garmin 010-11966-00 Tilt/Swivel Mount f/ echoMAP 50 & GPSMAP 547Garmin 010-12439-01 Tilt/Swivel Mount f/ STRIKER 5dv 7dv & 7svGarmin 010-11971-00 Protective Cover f/ GPSMAP 5X7 & echoMAP 50sGarmin 010-11972-00 Protective Cover f/ GPSMAP 7X1xs & echoMAP 70sGarmin 010-12440-00 Flush Mount Kit f/ STRIKER 4/4dvGarmin 010-12440-01 Flush Mount Kit f/ STRIKER 5dvGarmin 010-12440-02 Flush Mount Kit f/ STRIKER 7dv/7svGarmin 010-12441-00 Protective Cover f/ STRIKER 4/4dvGarmin 010-12441-01 Protective Cover f/ STRIKER 5dvGarmin 010-12441-02 Protective Cover f/ STRIKER 7dv/7svGarmin 010-12445-12 microSD Card Door f/ echoMAP CHIRP 5XdvGarmin 010-12445-21 microSD Card Door f/ echoMAP CHIRP 7Xdv/7XsvGarmin 010-12445-31 MicroSD Card Door f/ echoMAP CHIRP 9XsvGarmin 010-12445-11 Trim Piece Snap Cover f/ echoMAP CHIRP 5XdvGarmin 010-12445-20 Trim Piece Snap Cover f/ echoMAP CHIRP 7Xdv/7XsvGarmin 010-12445-30 Trim Piece Snap Cover f/ echoMAP CHIRP 9XsvGarmin 010-12445-32 Bail Mount w/Knobs for echoMAP CHIRPGarmin 010-10920-00 Marine Swivel Mount f/ GPSMAP 4X0 SeriesGarmin 010-11170-02 Split Collar 14.5 ConnectorGarmin Bailmount w/Knobs for GPSMAP 800 SeriesGarmin Trolling Motor Transducer Mount - 4/8-PinGarmin Trim Piece Snap Cover for GPSMAP 7610 & 7410Garmin Flush Mount Gasket for GNX 120Garmin Flush Mount Gasket for GNX 130Garmin Tilt/Swivel Quick-Release Bracket for echoMAPGarmin Trolling Motor Shaft Mount for Panoptix LVS32Garmin Trolling Motor Barrel Mount for Panoptix LVS32Garmin Transom Mount for Panoptix LVS32Garmin 010-12667-02 Marine Mount & Case f/ GC 100 Wireless CameraGarmin Bail Mount w/ Knobs f/ GPSMAP 7x2 SeriesGarmin Flush Mount Kit f/ echoMAP PlusGarmin Tilt/Swivel Mount w/ Quick-Release Cradle f/ echoMAP PlusGarmin SD Card Door f/ GPSMAP 840xs, 1020xs, 1040xs SeriesGarmin Trim Piece Snap Cover f/ GPSMAP 7x16Garmin Verado Adapter KitGarmin Bail Mount w/ Knobs f/ GPSMAP DisplaysGarmin 010-12525-00 Powered Mount f/ inReachGarmin Bail Mount w/ Quick Release Cradle f/ ECHOMAP Ultra 12"Garmin Bail Mount w/ Quick Release Cradle f/ ECHOMAP Ultra 10"Garmin Cradle f/ GHS 11/11i MicrophoneGarmin Powered Quick-Release Mount f/ GPSMAP 86 SeriesGarmin Trolling Motor Transducer Mount
Garmin VCA018R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Inside/Outside PassageGarmin VCA019R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Hecate Strait - microSD/SDGarmin VUS001R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - North MaineGarmin VUS002R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - South MaineGarmin VUS003R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Cape CodGarmin VUS004R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - New YorkGarmin VUS007R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Norfolk to CharlestonGarmin VUS008R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Charleston to JacksonvilleGarmin VUS009R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Jacksonville to Key WestGarmin VUS010R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Southeast FloridaGarmin VUS011R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Southwest FloridaGarmin VUS012R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Tampa to New OrleansGarmin VUS013R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Mobile to Lake CharlesGarmin VUS014R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Morgan City to BrownsvilleGarmin VUS020R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - St. Lawrence SeawayGarmin VUS024R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Wrangell to Dixon EntranceGarmin VUS025R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Anchorage to JuneauGarmin VUS026R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Wrangell/Juneau/SitkaGarmin VUS027R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Hawaiian/Mariana IslandsGarmin VUS029R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Southern BahamasGarmin VUS033R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Bristol Bay to Kotzebue SoundGarmin VUS035R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - North Slope AlaskaGarmin VUS037R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Vancouver to San DiegoGarmin VUS038R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - New York to ChesapeakeGarmin VUS048R BlueChart g3 Vision HD - BermudaGarmin VUS510L BlueChart g3 Vision HD - St. John to Cape CodGarmin VUS511L BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Boston to NorfolkGarmin VUS512L BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Mid-AtlanticGarmin VUS513L BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Jacksonville to BahamasGarmin VUS515L BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Brownsville to Key LargoGarmin VUS517L BlueChart g3 Vision HD - Alaska SouthGarmin VEU722L Europe Atlantic Coast BlueChart g3 VisionGarmin BlueChart g3 Vision - Dnieper River & Azov Sea - microSD/SD