Saltwater Spinning Reels

Spinning Reels for Saltwater

Test the waters or jump in headfirst with saltwater reels that combine performance and simplicity. Saltwater spinning reels were once primarily the domain of small- and medium-game fishing, especially among new anglers. However, recent innovations in metallurgy and design have made them a player in big-game fishing. Advances in drag systems, gearing, and line capacities mean your spinner can win encounters with wahoo, amberjack, grouper, sailfish, and other big game while still shining during the surf fishing and jigging they're best known for.

Even if you aren't looking to set world records, a saltwater spinning reel is still a great bet. Since the reel is placed on the bottom of the rod, they have excellent balance, which means better control of your drag, distance and speed. They also are easier to use than a baitcaster reel and can adapt to many fishing environments, making them a must in almost any angler's tackle bag.

High-Value Saltwater Fishing Reels

TackleDirect's saltwater spinning reels from Shimano, Penn, Van Staal, Okuma, and others are tough, lightweight, and durable for handling nearly any fishing application. We are an authorized dealer of proven fishing reel brands and will help you find the best inshore spinning or offshore reel for your needs.

Our spinning reels are made from quality metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass with precision-machined single-piece frames. Choose from low-speed reels for bass and redfish, high-speed reels for game fish, and even two-speed reels to rapidly recover slack line if a big fish makes a quick turn. Spinning reels can be found for using monofilament line, braided line, or both with varying length and test strength capacities. A saltwater spinning reel is usually dual retrieve, though you can get reels designed specifically for right- or left-handed use.

Trust Our Fishing Experts

As a longtime family-operated business, we have the personal fishing tackle knowledge to help you select the saltwater spinning reel right for your unique needs and budget. Call us toll-free seven days a week for advice about which reel is the best fit. We also have free advice at the TackleDirect blog such as our guide to the Best Spinning Reels for Redfish. Satisfaction is guaranteed with our unmatched selection of the best saltwater spinning reels.