Saltwater Conventional Combos

If you fish from a boat in the ocean or the bay, one or more dependable conventional rods and reels are practically a necessity. These multitasking combinations can perform many basic angling techniques, like bottom-fishing and trolling. They will help you catch all kinds of species, from flounder and redfish to grouper and amberjack.

You could go out and purchase each rod and reel separately. That would require lots of time, however, because you would want to be sure to match the right reel with the right rod.

TackleDirect makes the process much easier and practically painless. Our saltwater conventional fishing rod and reel combos are perfectly balanced, so you can be sure you'll be getting components that work seamlessly with each other. In addition, buying a combo can save you money compared to purchasing each component separately.

When you shop online here, you'll find all kinds of saltwater combos for all kinds of species. Our baitcasting combos are perfect for stalking redfish, snook and other inshore species. You'll find boat rods and reels you can use to catch fluke, flounder, seabass and many other bottom dwellers. We also have larger conventional outfits that can help you troll up big blues, stripers and other gamefish, as well as heavy offshore rods and reels you can use to battle big pelagics.