Saltwater Conventional Reels

Conventional Saltwater Reels

If you need an all-around reel that's efficient and can handle the biggest fish in its class, add a conventional reel to your loadout. Saltwater conventional fishing reels are commonly used for offshore fishing of species such as mackerel, grouper, and tuna. Also known as overhead reels, these reels mount perpendicular to the rod, unlike a spinning reel that mounts in parallel. In doing so, conventional reels provide direct drive while also communicating more of the line's vibrations, allowing the angler to know what's happening based on feel.

While they are similar in design to baitcasting reels, a conventional fishing reel is ideal for trolling and bottom fishing, especially with offshore giants like wahoo and sailfish. You can use it for jigging, casting, live-lining, and other methods, too. TackleDirect has a large selection of saltwater conventional reels from top fishing brands such as Shimano, Penn, Avet, Accurate, and Okuma to meet your unique needs. Since they're rugged enough for oceans and seas, a saltwater conventional reel is perfect for freshwater angling, too, letting you catch northern pike and walleye with ease.

Reels That Defy the Ordinary

Conventional reels come in a variety of styles and options. Round conventional reels are ideal for casting and throwing bait while low-profile reels are easier for using working lures. Choose from a level-wind reel that distributes line evenly during winding or an open frame reel that allows for easier and longer casting. Two-speed reels with both high and low gears offer maximum versatility while single-speed reels are well matched for lines below 40-pound test. There are also three-speed saltwater reels that fight as hard as the toughest fish. You even have multiple options for brake types.

Use our filters to look for conventional reel features that are important to you such as drag type or certain gear ratios. Separate collections of offshore and inshore reels let you further narrow your search. Most people prefer right-handed reels, but we have a nice assortment of left-handed conventional reels to satisfy southpaws. Each reel is made of precision-machined materials that resist rust and corrosion.

If you're unsure where to start, our experts have the knowledge to help you make the right choice to match your conventional rod and get you out on the ocean. We also have free shipping on qualifying orders plus a no-hassle return and exchange policy if you're not satisfied.