Sun Protection

Whether you fish, work or play in the tropics, the far north or anywhere in between, the sun can brighten your spirits. But too much sun can burn, especially on the water, where you're hit by reflected as well as direct rays. Besides causing immediate problems like heat stroke, excessive sun can also create long-term problems such as skin cancer and cataracts. At TackleDirect, we offer a huge selection of sun protection headwear, bandannas and cooling towels so you can maximize your enjoyment during your time in the sun.

Our sun-protection headwear includes hats in a variety of styles to suit your taste and the conditions. Choose from a variety of caps and sun visors with attractive logos and designs as well as technical headwear designed to give you even more protection from Old Sol.

TackleDirect also carries a variety of bandannas and face masks that can protect your face, neck and other exposed parts of your body. For those dripping hot summer days, get relief with our cooling towels. Just run one under cold water or keep it in your cooler. Then wrap it around your shoulders for instant relief from the heat.