Shimano Freshwater Rods

Shimano Freshwater Fishing Rods

Maybe you started out fishing at a local pond using an old-fashioned cane pole or a basic spincast setup. Like many other things in life, freshwater fishing rods offer a lot more choices nowadays - especially when it comes to performance. At TackleDirect, we carry a big variety of Shimano freshwater spinning, casting, and conventional fishing rods so you can fine-tune your freshwater fishing technique, whether you're after lunker largemouth bass in a tournament, sneaking up on trout in a mountain stream or trying to catch that prized muskie in a big lake. You'll find these Shimano rods in many lengths and with actions ranging from slow to X-fast so you can match your quarry, methods and tackle.

Shimano Freshwater Spinning Rods

At TackleDirect, we carry more than 100 types of Shimano freshwater spinning rods, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs, no matter what type of fishing you have in mind. Choose from ultralight rods that boost the fun quotient of pulling in panfish and provide the finesse for fooling skittish trout. We also carry heavier rods for bigger fish. These include light and light-medium Shimano rods for species like largemouth bass up to medium rods capable of handling big anadromous species like salmon and steelhead.

Shimano Freshwater Casting Rods

Many anglers swear by baitcasting rods for the greater distance and accuracy they offer, as well as the heavier lures they can throw and the extra backbone they supply for reeling in big catches. These rods tend to run heavier than spinning rods. Our medium-light Shimano freshwater rods are ideal for casting 3/16-ounce worm jigs to smallmouth or largemouth bass. You'll also find bigger rods that can handle any freshwater lunker and can do double duty for inshore saltwater species. Use our heavy Shimano baitcasting rods for casting big plugs to big fish like muskies - and hold on!

Shimano Freshwater Conventional Rods

TackleDirect also has tough Shimano freshwater rods that are excellent for trolling for species like salmon and steelhead in rivers as well as fishing for muskies, pike and other big fish in lakes. These rods run the gamut from medium to heavy, giving the stiffness and backbone you need to fight the largest fish but the sensitivity to let you feel the softest strike.