Shimano Freshwater Reels

Shimano Freshwater Fishing Reels

Although it hasn't been on the North American fishing tackle scene as long as some other major players, Shimano has made more than a splash with its superior tackle. Bringing the same fit, finish and precision to fishing gear as their bicycle parts, which is what they are really known for. Shimano has built a well-earned reputation for outstanding performance and reliability. Not the least of its impressive products are Shimano freshwater fishing reels. TackleDirect stocks hundreds of quality Shimano freshwater reels in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Here you'll find quality Shimano reels to stalk any species and suit any budget.

Front-Drag and Rear-Drag Shimano Freshwater Spinning Reels

TackleDirect has front-drag and rear-drag Shimano freshwater spinning reels that will make practically anyone an expert caster with only a few minutes of practice. Featuring smooth drags for taming even the biggest fish, these reels have many different attributes. But they share one thing in common. From the IX R line, perfect for kids, beginners, and the budget-minded, to the top-of-the-line Stella, these freshwater reels will provide dependable performance.

Shimano Freshwater Baitcasting Reels

Designed to cast lures and baits a country mile, baitcasting reels are preferred equipment for many anglers fishing for bigger species like largemouth bass, walleye and muskie. At TackleDirect, we carry a large assortment of freshwater baitcasting reels made by Shimano. They offer all the smart design, innovative technology and precision manufacturing you'd expect from this company.

Shimano Freshwater Trolling Reels

Whether you like to troll for Chinook and coho salmon on Pacific Northwest rivers or trolling is your preferred method for other freshwater species around the U.S. and the world, TackleDirect can supply you with a selection of Shimano freshwater trolling reels. Designed specifically for trolling, these Shimano trolling reels like the Tekota line have features like audible, oversized clickers, and are also available with built in line counters.