Boats & Watercraft: Kayaks & More

Freshwater and saltwater anglers alike are getting on board with kayak fishing. This relatively new activity has become the fastest growing segment of the sport fishing industry. For solo anglers, fishing kayaks offer a number of benefits over traditional boats and watercraft. Their small size allows you access to more areas and fish species, while also giving you increased stealth for inshore and shallow water fishing. TackleDirect offers kayaks and accessories from leading brands such as Aqua-Bound, Point-65, Sea Eagle, Tsunami and Yak Gear for fishing adventures of all kinds.

We carry fishing kayaks for all experience levels and boating preferences, including sit-on-top kayaks, sport kayaks, modular touring kayaks, expedition kayaks and tandem kayaks. If you're short on storage space, check out our selection of inflatable watercraft. In addition to inflatable kayaks, you can order inflatable paddleskis, paddleboards, motormount boats, pontoon boats and even hammocks. Stock up on replacement pieces, paddles, inshore rods, rigging and other accessories, and pick up a mini kayak beach kart to single-handedly transport your kayak over sand, rocks or other tough surfaces. Order today from TackleDirect and get great prices and customer service as we set you up for your next solo fishing adventure.