Saltwater Jigging Rods

Saltwater jigging rods are versatile fishing rods designed to keep up with the fast rod action required for successful jigging. Jerky, vertical motions are an essential part of good jigging, and a saltwater jigging rod is strong and tough enough to withstand these motions for long periods. At the same time, jigging rods are short and lightweight, and bend down when fighting fish to help take pressure off anglers. TackleDirect's experts are here to help novice anglers and seasoned pros alike find an innovative saltwater jigging rod, with Shimano jigging rods, Daiwa rods, Black Hole rods and other top brands in stock.

Choose from a variety of spinning, casting and conventional saltwater jigging rods for anything from spin jigging for inshore blackfish to conventional jigging for grouper. Jigging rods feature tough graphite and glass composite blanks, with features such as aluminum reel seats, wrapped guides, EVA grips and hook keepers. Most are designed to be used with braided lines, but some can use monofilament line as well. Jigging rods can even be used for other types of fishing where you need light weight, light action and high pulling and lifting power. Order today and get a versatile, long-lasting fishing rod for wherever your fishing adventures take you.