Freshwater Spinning Rods

Whether you’re fishing in a Midwestern farm pond or a New Zealand trout stream, we have a huge assortment of freshwater spinning rods that will boost your odds of success. Our assortment of freshwater spinning rods includes famous fishing brands like Shimano, Daiwa and G Loomis. At TackleDirect, you can select the proper power for your quarry, whether it’s an ultralight spinning rod for chasing bream, crappie or trout, or a medium spinning rod suitable for wrestling with bass, pike and other big predators.

Getting Some Action
We carry rods with the full gamut of actions, from slow to X-fast. Rods with faster action bend only near the tip, making them excellent for making short, accurate casts, such as when you’re casting, flipping and pitching near docks, lily pads or weeds. At the other end of the spectrum, rods with slower action will give a bigger bend through the full length of the rod. This will help you cast farther. The downside of slower rods is they won’t let you set a hook as sharply as faster-action rods. Of course, you can find many variations and happy in-betweens, including moderate, moderate-fast and fast, to suit whatever conditions you face on the water.

Breaking It All Down
In addition to thinking about rods that will suit your quarry, you also should think about rods that will suit you. Many anglers prefer one-piece rods for their high performance. On the other hand, two- and three-piece rods are easy to take apart and throw in the cab of your truck for a quick fishing trip. If you’re a traveling angler, take a look at our extensive selection of traveling spinning rods that break down into a small size and come with their own cases for easy transportation. They’ll give you a world of fishing fun.