Seaguar Saltwater Fishing Line & Leader

Good fishing line needs to meet lots of requirements. It has to be tough and strong. But it also should be thin, limp, easy to work with and hard to see. At TackleDirect, we carry a selection of Seaguar saltwater fishing line and leader that can help you catch more fish.

Our Seaguar line is available in your choice of fluorocarbon or braid. Both offer excellent alternatives to monofilament and other traditional lines. Tough yet sensitive, fluorocarbon is practically impossible to see underwater, offering obvious advantages when targeting finicky fish. Braided line offers extreme strength, thin diameter and lack of stretch.

You'll find these lines and leader material available in spools of assorted sizes, making it easy to order the right amount you need. Choose from a variety of line colors to suit your conditions as well as pound tests suitable for inshore or offshore fishing.