Saltwater Terminal Tackle

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The end of your fishing line is the only part that makes contact with a fish - so it'd better be ready when you feel your next bite. TackleDirect has premium saltwater terminal tackle available from industry leaders such as American Fishing Wire, Berkley, Black Bart, SPRO and Mustad for casual fishermen and tournament veterans alike. With more than 50,000 products in stock, you're sure to find the right terminal tackle for everything from bass jigging off of Cape Cod to trolling for swordfish in the Gulf of Mexico.

At TackleDirect, you'll find a seemingly endless selection of premium hooks, swivels, crimps, rings, weights and more to attach to your fishing line. Lindgren Pitman circle hooks, Mustad J hooks, Gamakatsu octopus hooks and VMC treble hooks are just a few of our hook options. Order ball bearing swivels, power swivels or bead chain swivels to keep monofilament fishing line straight during retrieval, or trolling weights and sinkers to keep your line down in high currents. You can also find rigging beads and grommets, sleeves, and even fish finders to create more natural bait movement. Contact our experts with any questions you have or check out our product and customer reviews to help you determine the saltwater terminal tackle you need.

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