Spro Saltwater Fishing Lures

Remarkably simple, jigs are also incredibly effective fish-catching lures. Consisting basically of just a fish-like head and a hook for a tail, these basic lures have fooled countless fish over the centuries.

Even though a basic jig will catch just about any fish that eats baitfish, that doesn't mean this classic design can't be improved upon. Spro has set about doing that with its magical bucktail jig creations and other products. Based in Kennesaw, Ga., this company offers fish-catching jigs that deserve your attention.

Whether you prefer trolling, casting or jigging, TackleDirect carries a selection of Spro saltwater fishing lures and jigs that can help you catch more fish. We have Spro bucktail jigs and innovations like its Squidtail Jigs. These include plastic tails that impart a lifelike action. They're effective for a wide range of saltwater species, from stripers, seabass and fluke to snapper and grouper. All these jigs are available in a variety of colors and sizes, giving you the opportunity to "match the hatch."