Outriggers and Kite-Fishing Mounts, Clips and Accessories:

If you're serious about offshore fishing, you probably know the value of a good pair of outriggers. Mounted on each side of your boat, these simple devices will allow you to run more lures in your spread and more fishing rods in your boat. They will help you run lures at different distances while preventing problems with tangles. Outriggers will also give your baits a lively, skipping action that will trigger more strikes from pelagics. Whether you're trolling for marlin, sailfish, dorado or some other species, outriggers will increase hookups while reducing hassles. At TackleDirect, we offer a variety of outriggers as well as the mounts, clips and accessories you need to use them effectively. In addition, we have kite-fishing release clips to boost your results with this innovative technique.


TackleDirect offers outriggers from premium manufacturers such as Lee's Tackle, Rupp and Gemlux. You'll find all kinds of styles, including lift-out outriggers for easy cleaning as well as tournament outriggers made with premium materials that can spell the difference between a winning catch and going home empty-handed. TackleDirect carries outriggers in many sizes, from 12 feet to 50 feet, so you can find exactly the right ones to fit your boat and your fishing style. You'll find center outriggers here as well.

Mounts, Clips and Accessories:

We also carry everything you need for getting the most out of your outriggers as well as replacing broken or worn parts. Our stock of outrigger parts includes outrigger mounts, release clips, pulleys and more from top names in outriggers like Aftco and Rupp. You'll find release clips for flat lines as well as outriggers here. In addition, for those who like to lure sailfish and other pelagics with kites, we offer kite release clips.