Apparel Accessories

Out on the water, you're exposed to all kinds of weather. Naturally, you need to select the right kinds of shirts, pants and shoes to handle whatever weather comes your way. But it's the little extras, like hats and sunglasses, that can make the difference between a comfortable and an uncomfortable day.

At TackleDirect, we carry a full line of fishing hats, sunglasses, belts and clothing accessories. Designed specifically with fishing and the outdoors in mind, these products not only will enhance your comfort so you can concentrate on the fishing. They will also help protect you from the long-term ill effects of exposure to the sun, such as skin cancer and cataracts.

Our hats, caps and visors will help protect your face and eyes from glaring sun. This enables you to see better when you're searching for your quarry. Just as important, these lids help protect your skin and eyes from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. If you have hair, these hats will also help keep it in place. If you don't, they will protect the top of your noggin from sun, wind and rain.

Our hats include models that come with removable capes to help keep your neck protected and cool even in blazing heat and sun. We haven't forgotten you cold-weather anglers either. TackleDirect carries lots of beanies to keep your head and ears warm on those frigid days out cod fishing or chasing other cold-water fish in the northern latitudes. You'll find hats here in a variety of colors. Some are emblazoned with famous fishing names like Shimano, St. Croix and, yes, even TackleDirect. Others are available without logos.

Sunglasses are a virtual requirement on the water. Their polarized lenses will help cut through the water's reflective glare so you can see fish underwater. A good set of shades will also help protect your eyes from cataracts, which can be a long-term danger of sun exposure.

We carry sunglasses that are as good looking as they are practical. You'll like wearing them as much around town as when you're fishing. Just a few of the famous names we carry are Costa, Salt Life and Maui Jim. We also sell accessories like retainers to keep your valuable glasses from slipping into the drink.

If you fish a lot in the tropics or subtropics or in routinely hot, sunny weather, we have sunshields and bandannas to keep you cool and protect your skin. In addition, you'll find lots of other neat accessories here ranging from money clips to hand warmers and fishing belts.