Men's and Women's Fishing and GPS Watches:

A good fishing watch has to incorporate many elements. It must be extremely tough as well as waterproof to stand up to the inevitable hard knocks of fishing, the weather and the water. A fishing watch also should be compact yet have lots of fishing-friendly features and offer supreme reliability. If you're looking for a good fisherman's watch, whether a saltwater watch or one for freshwater fishing, look no further than TackleDirect. We carry an outstanding selection of men's and women's fishing and GPS watches that are good looking and practical.

Fishermen's Watches:

At Tackle Direct, our collection of fishing and marine watches includes a host or timepieces from Reactor Watches. Made to meet or exceed tight Swiss standards, these watches feature premium case materials like stainless steel or titanium and lots of O-rings to keep them watertight. Reactor's Poseidon line of watches, for instance, has been designed for diving, so you know these tough timepieces will stand up to any conditions you'll encounter above water ' or if you drop your watch in the drink.

Women's Fishing Watches:

We also have plenty of attractive and practical watches for lady anglers. These include a selection of Reactor watches that will look good during an evening out but will stand up to the inevitable challenges you'll face on the water. We also carry traditional Reactor ladies' sports watches that feature big dials that are easy to read in any conditions as well as beefed-up cases to guard against impacts. Some of these models are waterproof down to 200 meters or 660 feet.

GPS Watches:

Switzerland-based Garmin is the global leader in GPS on land and sea, and TackleDirect offers an easy way for you to always have your GPS close at hand with our Garmin GPS watches. Built to stand up to the toughest marine conditions, this watch will guide you where you want to go on the water thanks to its extensive marine navigation features. Whether you're paddling a kayak or running a battle wagon, this GPS-enabled device will get you there ' and back.