Saltwater Fluorocarbon Leader

Fluorocarbon saltwater fishing leaders are an ideal solution when you want your fishing line to be invisible to fish, but visible to you. This length of line attaches to the end of your main fishing line, and in turn holds rigs, baits and lures. TackleDirect has a wide selection of saltwater fluorocarbon leaders from brands such as Seaguar, Yo-Zuri, Jinkai and Momoi to make the business end of your fishing line more resistant to abrasion from rocks, reef or teeth while also getting you more bites from unsuspecting fish.

By choosing fluorocarbon fishing leaders, you'll get benefits such as higher sensitivity, more controlled stretching, better hooking power and resistance to damage from water or UV rays. Leaders can be used for almost any type of fishing, from jigging and baitcasting to trolling. Choose rated test strength anywhere from 1 lb. for small bass to 400 lb. for marlin and giant tuna. Tinted fluorocarbon leaders such as pink and brown are also available, and will help your leader keep its camouflage power if it gets nicked or scraped. Contact us for expert advice on the saltwater fishing leader that best meets your inshore or offshore needs, based on actual testing and experience by our anglers.