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Whether you regularly go on overnight trips or just sometimes get back to the dock a little later than expected, reliable lights are crucial for a safe outing on your boat. At TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of fishing and boating lights, searchlights and accessories. These marine lighting products will boost safety while adding convenience on board practically any boat.

Our selection of marine lights includes a variety of searchlights and spotlights that are handy for use on recreational or commercial vessels. Besides shedding light on routine night-time operations, these lights can save lives in emergency man-overboard situations. We also carry stern and bow lights for navigational safety while underway at night.

In addition, TackleDirect stocks many marine LED lights. These versatile lights can serve many uses and can be mounted practically anywhere on a boat or dock. LED lights are noted for their stingy energy use and long bulb life.

TackleDirect also carries specialty lights to make your night-time fishing expeditions more successful. These include our Lure Viewer lights that can wrap around fishing poles or virtually anywhere else. They make it easy to change lures at night. We also carry specialty lights for those who enjoy gigging flounders in the dark.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just call us toll-free or drop us an email. Our staff of fishing experts will shed some light on whatever subject interests you.

ACR RCL-600A Remote Control 24V Searchlight with Joystick PanelACR Remote Control SearchlightsACR URP-102 Point Pad Remote Control KitACR RCL-75 Remote Control 12V Searchlight with Point PadACR RCL 2nd Station Point Pad Control for RCL-75ACR 17ft Cable Harness with Waterproof Plug for RCL-75 SearchlightACR RCL Lamps for RCL-100 Series SearchlightACR 2nd Station Harness Adapter SplitterACR 55W/12V RCL-75 Searchlight LampACR RCL 50B Remote Control 12V SearchlightACR 55W/12V Lamp for RCL-50 SearchlightACR URC-102 Master Control for RCL-50/100 SearchlightACR URP-102 Point Pad for RCL SearchlightsACR Universal Remote Control Kit for RCL-50/100 SearchlightACR 9427 Stackable 1 in. Riser f/ RCL-75ACR HRMK4300 Turning Motor & GearACR HRMK4200 Elevation Motor & GearACR HRMK1504 Slip Ring - PP-9AACR HRMK1304 Socket Assembly #21-TACR HRMK2300 Brush Holder AssemblyACR HRMK1503 Planet GearACR HRMK2200 Front Frame Gasket f/ RCL-100ACR HRMK1201 Window GasketACR HRMK1301 Reflector - 10 cm.ACR HRMK1204 Base Gasket - U-TypeACR HRMK1300 Searchlight Front GlassACR HRMK2203 O-Ring - P75ACR HRMK2202 O-Ring - S94ACR HRMK2503 Radial Slide RingACR HRMK2504 Thrust Set RingACR HRMK2502 Thrust Slide RingACR HRSB1201 O-Ring f/ RCL 50ACR 6007 Lamp f/ RCL-600/RCL-600A - 150WACR 9452 Deck Mount f/ SearchlightACR 9469 Extension Cable f/ RCL-75 Searchlight - 17 ft.ACR HRMK1502 Elevation Motor Holder f/ RCL-100 SearchlightACR HRMK2103 Base f/ RCL-100D SearchlightACR HRSB1107 Replacement Base f/ RCL-50B Searchlight
Perko Delta Series Universal Replacement Pole LightsPerko Fold Down White All-Round LightsPerko 1604DP0CHR Fixed Mount White All-Round LightPerko 1607DP0CHR Folding Mount Tower/Arch White All-Round LightPerko Inland Series ''Reduced Glare'' Replacement Pole LightsPerko Stealth Series Fold Down All-Round White LED LightsPerko Stealth Series LED Universal Replacement Pole LightsPerko Stealth Series All-Round White LED LightsPerko Alpha Series Universal Replacement All-Round Pole LightsPerko All-Round Telescoping Pole LightsPerko 1137DP0CHR Fold Down White All-Round LightPerko 1301DP0CHR Fixed Mount White All-Round LightPerko Stow-A-Way All-Round Plug-In Pole LightsPerko Vertical Mount LED Side LightsPerko 0955DP0CHR Chromalex Side LightsPerko 0915DP0CHR Horizontal Mount Side LightsPerko 1264DP0CHR Side LightsPerko 0963DP0CHR Horizontal Mount Side LightsPerko Fold Down Combination Masthead and White All-Round LightsPerko Bi-Color Bow LightsPerko 0904DP0CHR Bi-Color LightPerko 1218DP0CHR Horizontal Mount Bi-Color LightPerko 0972DP0CHR Horizontal Mount Bi-Color LightPerko Removable Bi-Color & Utility Pole LightsPerko 1612DP2BLK Removable Bi-Color Pole LightPerko Surface Mount Exterior Dome LightsPerko Combination Masthead and White All-Round LightsPerko 1125DP4CHR Plug-In Combination Masthead/White All-Round LightPerko Vertical Mount Stern LightsPerko 0939DP112V Vertical Mount Stern LightPerko 0945DP0CHR Chromalex Vertical Mount Stern LightPerko 0965DP0CHR Chromalex Horizontal Mount Stern LightPerko 1331DP0CHR Surface Mount Masthead LightPerko 0964DP0CHR Horizontal Surface Mount Masthead LightPerko 1060 Plug-In Type BasesPerko 1048P00DP 5? 2-Pin Plug-In Type BasePerko 1059P00DP 16? 2-Pin Plug-In Type BasePerko 1045 Plug-In Type BasesPerko Plug-In Type Bases w/ Slide Cover