VMC Saltwater Terminal Tackle

Hooks and terminal tackle may not be the most glamorous components in fishing. But they are key to hooking fish and making sure they stay hooked. Made of top materials with careful craftsmanship, the VMC freshwater and saltwater hooks and terminal tackle available at TackleDirect will help you hook and land more fish.

VMC hooks use high-grade steel that will penetrate better and keep fish on your line longer. You'll find a big selection of single and treble hooks here that will help you catch freshwater denizens like largemouth bass. We also carry hooks designed for a variety of saltwater species, from the smallest to the largest, inshore and offshore.

If you're into catch-and-release, we stock VMC circle hooks that make it easier to let fish go unharmed. We also carry a variety of VMC jigs that feature fish-catching designs and super-shark hooks.

In addition to hooks, we stock plenty of VMC terminal tackle that will ensure your lures and rigs work right and stay securely attached to your lines. These include a variety of swivels and snap swivels for preventing line twist and making lure changes faster. We also have quality VMC split rings for repairing or upgrading your lures.