Freshwater Kids Combos

One of the best things you could do for children, yourself and the great sport of angling is to take a kid fishing. Encouraged to fish at a young age, kids will quickly learn to love fishing and the outdoors. They will pick up a respect for nature and the skills for living with it. Who knows' Perhaps they will even spend a little less time with electronic gadgets and grow up to be a little more self-sufficient.

At TackleDirect, we carry a big lineup of easy-to-use, affordable freshwater fishing kids' combos that are designed for children. These perfectly matched rod-and-reel sets will give kids a great, frustration-free introduction to the sport that will keep them interested and having fun. Quality manufacturers include Daiwa, Shakespeare and, of course, that all-time kids' fishing favorite, Zebco, which popularized that incredibly easy to use fishing method, the spincast system.

We have kids' fishing combos ranging from comic-book-themed spincast outfits ideal for toddlers just starting out to more advanced spinning outfits ideal for bigger kids who have mastered the basic skills of freshwater angling.

All of our kids' fishing combos are easy to use, in fact. They are also durable and will stand up to the punishment that some kids can dish out. In addition, these great combos can handle that lunker largemouth or other fish that you hope your kids reel in. The smiles on their faces will be all the repayment you need for the small investment you have made.