Freshwater Conventional Reels

When you need more power for your freshwater fishing adventure, you need a conventional reel from TackleDirect. Freshwater conventional fishing reels, also known as round reels, come with a variety of options, such as line counters, levelwind, star drag or lever drag, and more. These reels are mainly used for larger, deep-dwelling and big game fish. For freshwater angler, this can be fish like walleye, lake trout, steelhead, and northern pike.

Another benefit of conventional reels is their larger line capacity. The ability to have several hundred yards of line on a reel allows anglers to reach deeper depths and to handle big game fish on the run.

Many freshwater anglers who are using conventional style fishing reels are dropping baits off the side of the boat or pier, or are utilizing them in a trolling set up. However, with some experience, there are castable conventional reels that do allow anglers to reach a greater distance.