Simrad Marine Electronics

With roots in commercial fishing dating back to 1946, Simrad Marine Electronics produces electronics that professionals depend on for their livelihoods. Fortunately for the sport-fishing world, Simrad also makes electronic equipment for all sorts and sizes of recreational vessels. You can trust this leading marine electronics maker to help you find fish and find your way. At TackleDirect, we carry a wide array of Simrad Electronics products that will help you fish smarter, safer and better.

Navigation Systems, Radar, Autopilots and GPS
Simrad can provide you with reliable navigation systems, radar, autopilots and GPS that will get you out to the fishing grounds and back to the dock safely and securely, no matter where in the world you fish. With the Simrad equipment from TackleDirect, you can seamlessly interconnect your charting, radar, autopilot and much more. The modern styling of these instruments matches their technical sophistication, making them look great in the pilothouse or on the flying bridge.

Fish-Finders, Echo Sounders and Transducers
Once your Simrad GPS and navigation systems take you to the fishing grounds, use Simrad’s fish finders, echo sounders and transducers to zero in on what’s happening in the undersea world beneath your boat. This precision marine equipment will let you see the topography and life under you with amazing accuracy, boosting your catch rate.

Communications and VHF Radios
Everyone who ventures out on the water should have some basic communications devices to summon help in the event of an emergency. But good radios and communications equipment are important for lots of other reasons. The premier VHF radios made by Simrad give you clear, crisp reception over long distances so you can get real-time fish reports or just chat with friends or family.

Accessories and Cables
Besides offering all the Simrad electronic devices you’ll need for success and safety on the water, TackleDirect carries all the accessories and cables for peak performance from this equipment. Choose from a variety of networking cables, connectors, adapters, installation kits and more. If you’re looking for a dock compatible with the Simrad SonicHub marine audio server, check out our Simrad UNI-Dock Universal Media Device Dock for media players, USB flash drives, smartphones and more.
Simrad GO9 XSE Chartplotter/FishfindersSimrad GO7 XSE Chartplotter/FishfindersSimrad GO5 XSE Chartplotter/FishfindersSimrad NSO evo2 Marine Processor UnitSimrad NSO evo2 Dual 16'' Multi-Touch Monitor BundleSimrad 000-11184-001 NSS7 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display InsightSimrad NSS9 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display w/ Insight USASimrad NSS9 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display w/ Insight USA & 4G RadarSimrad NSS12 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display w/ Insight USASimrad NSS12 evo2 Combo Display w/ Insight USA & 4G RadarSimrad NSS16 evo2 Combo Multifunction Display w/ Insight USASimrad 000-12366-001 Flush Mount Kit f/ GO7 & Vulcan 7Simrad 000-10298-002 OP40 Wired Remote f/ NSE & NSO SystemsSimrad 000-10160-001 Suncover f/ IS70/IS20/AP24Simrad 000-12364-001 OP50 Wired Remote Control - Portrait MountSimrad 000-11540-001 NSO evo2 Dual 19 in. Multi-Touch Monitor BundleSimrad 000-13541-001 NSS7 evo2 Radar BundleSimrad 000-12185-001 S2009 9 in. FishfinderSimrad 000-12187-001 S2016 16 in. Fishfinder - Wide ScreenSimrad 000-11262-001 MO19-T 19'' Widescreen Multi-Touch MonitorSimrad 000-13566-001 NSO evo2 Single 19'' Multi-Touch Monitor BundleSimrad 000-14077-001 GO7 XSR Combo w/ TotalScan TransducerSimrad 000-14078-001 GO7 XSR Combo - w/ C-map Pro ChartSimrad 000-14137-001 GO12 XSE Combo - w/ BasemapSimrad 000-14138-001 GO12 XSE Combo - w/ Navionics+ USA/Canada ChartsSimrad 000-14139-001 GO12 XSE Combo w/ TotalScan TransducerSimrad 000-14319-001 GO7 XSR Combo w/ TotalScan & Navionics+ USASimrad 000-14326-001 GO7 XSR Combo - w/ HDI Skimmer TransducerSimrad 000-14003-001 NSO evo3 19in Multifunction DisplaySimrad GO5 XSE Active Imaging Chartplotter/FishfindersSimrad GO7 XSR Active Imaging Chartplotter/FishfindersSimrad GO9 XSE Active Imaging Chartplotter/FishfindersSimrad GO12 XSE Active Imaging Chartplotter/FishfindersSimrad 000-11199-001 Insight Genesis/Planner Card CodeSimrad 000-13702-001 Mounting Bracket f/ GO9 & Vulcan 9Simrad 000-14002-001 NSO evo3 19'' System PackSimrad 000-14004-001 NSO evo3 24'' System PackSimrad 000-12371-001 Panel Mount Kit f/ GO7 & Vulcan 7Simrad 000-13724-001 Suncover f/ AP44Simrad 000-13740-001 Suncover f/ NSS7 evo3Simrad 000-13741-001 Suncover f/ NSS9 evo3Simrad GO12 XSE CombosSimrad GO7 XSR CombosSimrad NSS12 Evo3 12in Chartplotter/Fishfinder CombosSimrad NSS16 Evo3 16in Chartplotter/Fishfinder CombosSimrad NSS7 Evo3 7in Chartplotter/Fishfinder CombosSimrad NSS9 Evo3 9in Chartplotter/Fishfinder CombosSimrad 000-14001-001 NSO evo3 16in Multifunction DisplaySimrad 000-14000-001 NSO evo3 16'' System PackSimrad 000-14995-001 Cruise 5 US Coastal w/ 83/200 Transom TransducerSimrad 000-14996-001 Cruise 7 US Coastal w/ 83/200 Transom TransducerSimrad 000-14997-001 Cruise 9 US Coastal w/ 83/200 Transom TransducerSimrad 000-10464-001 Mounting Bracket f/ NSS7 evo2Simrad 000-14055-001 Suncover f/ RS20 VHFSimrad GO Series SuncoversSimrad Cruise Series Suncovers
Simrad BSM-2 Broadband Sounder ModuleSimrad BSM-3 Broadband Sounder ModuleSimrad PM275LH-W Pocket Mount Transducer - Wide Beam CHIRP - 1kWSimrad B175H-W Depth/Temperature TransducersSimrad B265LH Bronze Thru-Hull TransducerSimrad B275LH-W Bronze Thru-Hull TransducerSimrad TM275LH-W Transom Mount TransducerSimrad DST800 Plastic Thru-Hull TransducerSimrad DT800 D/T Plastic Thru-Hull TransducerSimrad ST800 S/T Plastic Thru-Hull TransducerSimrad 000-11674-001 ForwardScan Transducer KitSimrad 000-12395-001 StructureScan 3DSimrad 000-11063-001 B175L-20 Low CHIRP Transducer - 20? TiltSimrad 000-11064-001 B175H-20 High CHIRP Transducer - 20? TiltSimrad 000-11065-001 B175M-20 Medium CHIRP Thru-Hull TransducerSimrad 000-14489-001 Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transom Mount TransducerSimrad 000-14490-001 Active Imaging 2-in-1 Transom Mount TransducerSimrad 000-12602-001 Flat Mount Bracket f/ StructureScan 3D, TotalScanSimrad 000-12569-001 HDI Skimmer Low/High 50/200/455/800kHz TM 9-PinSimrad 000-13284-001 Long Stem ForwardScan Xducer w/ Plug, Fair BlockSimrad 000-13780-001 SS175H-w/ Thru-Hull Transducer - 0 Degree - 9-PinSimrad 000-13522-001 TotalScan/StructureScan 3D Replacement BracketSimrad 000-12396-001 Transom Mount Transducer f/ StructureScan 3DSimrad 000-13921-001 XSONIC B150M 12 Deg TH Transducer - 9-Pin Conn.Simrad 000-13922-001 XSONIC B150M 20 Deg TH Transducer - 9-Pin Conn.Simrad 000-13920-001 XSONIC B150M TH Transducer - 9-Pin - 0 DegreeSimrad 000-13771-001 XSONIC B275LH-W Bronze TH Transducer - 9 PinSimrad 000-13905-001 XSONIC Bronze HDI 0 Deg TH Xducer 50/200 455/800Simrad 000-13906-001 XSONIC Bronze HDI 12 Deg TH Xducer 50/200 455/800Simrad 000-13915-001 XSONIC P319 Low Profile TH Transducer - 50/200Simrad 000-13262-001 XSONIC Pigtail Wiring Block AdapterSimrad 000-13773-001 XSONIC R509LH-W TH Xducer - Wide CHIRP w/ FairingSimrad 000-13781-001 XSONIC SS175H-w/ Thru-Hull Transducer - 12 DegSimrad 000-13782-001 XSONIC SS175H-w/ Tilted Transducer - 1KW 20 DegSimrad 000-13776-001 XSONIC SS175L Thru-Hull Transducer - 20 DegreeSimrad 000-13778-001 XSONIC SS175M TH Tilt Med CHIRP Transducer 12 DegSimrad 000-13785-001 XSONIC SS60 12 Deg Tilted Thru Hull TransducerSimrad 000-13786-001 XSONIC SS60 20 Degree TH Depth/Temp TransducerSimrad 000-13911-001 XSONIC SS75H Depth/Temp Transducer 0 DegreeSimrad 000-13912-001 XSONIC SS75H Depth/Temp Transducer 12 DegreeSimrad 000-13913-001 XSONIC SS75H Depth/Temp Transducer 20 DegreeSimrad 000-13910-001 XSONIC SS75M 20 Degree Tilt Thru Hull TransducerSimrad 000-13908-001 XSONIC SS75M Depth/Temp Transducer - 0 DegreeSimrad 000-13909-001 XSONIC SS75M TH Med CHIRP Transducer - 12 DegreeSimrad 000-13997-001 XSONIC TM185HW Wide Chirp Transom Mt TransducerSimrad 000-13998-001 XSONIC TM185M Transom Mount TransducerSimrad 000-13770-001 XSONIC TM275LH-W Transom Mt CHIRP Transducer Wide