Navigational Charts

GPS and other electronic navigational marvels have revolutionized boating and fishing, of course. Nearly everyone has one or more of these magical machines these days. But there is still a place for old-fashioned, hard-copy printed maps and charts.

Whether you want a backup plan in case your power or electronics fail or you just enjoy relaxing and poring over valuable geographic information that's easy on the eyes, TackleDirect can supply you with some top-rated material. Made by Maptech, our navigational charts, cruising guides and books are great tools for planning, navigating and sharing with friends and family members.

Our Maptech Embassy Cruising Guides are easy to use and filled with indispensable local knowledge about marinas, waterways, harbors and everything else you will need on your watery travels. Richly illustrated with aerial photos and pictures, these guides are also fun reads for the armchair sailor. They should be in every nautical home or boat. Pick from guides that will take you from New York Harbor to Block Island and along the south short of Long Island to the New Jersey coast and Cape May. Or travel from Cape May and Delaware Bay across the Chesapeake Bay and down the Intracoastal Waterway to Fernandina Beach, Florida.

We also carry waterproof charts that are easy to fold and stow. Make sure to check out our Maptech ChartKit Books. They are great cruising guides available for a variety of regions. The ChartKits come complete with CDs and are easy to use with your GPS.